How to Prepare for a Skype Job Interview

There are no rules in today’s job search, which means you have to be prepared for any situation. Many employers today are performing their first-round interviews through a video-conferencing tool rather than conducting a phone or in-person interview. If you have been invited to attend a virtual job interview, chances are good that you will be using the free cross-platform software, Skype. If you’re in this situation, be sure to review these virtual interview tips specifically tailored for Skype.

Download and install ahead of time

Do not make the mistake of downloading Skype only minutes before the interview is scheduled to begin. Depending on your Internet connection speed, this may take some time. Furthermore, before the first use, you will need to create a user account, which also takes some time. Provided the recruiter or employer gave you plenty of warning, you should download and install it hours, or preferably days, before the interview is due to start.

Configure on two devices

Skype is cross-platform, meaning that you can install it on your Windows-based desktop, Apple-based phone and even Android-based tablet. Installing Skype on at least two devices will ensure that if your default device fails, you can switch to your second device in seconds; It simply makes good planning.

Choose an appropriate photo and username

When you first come to use Skype, you are asked to either log in or create a user account. The username you choose, as well as the optional photo you upload, are visible by the interviewer. This is their first impression of you. Therefore, it makes sense to select a username and photo that are suitable for an interview scenario. Variants of your first, middle and last names work well as a screen name. As for the optional photo, a professional-looking headshot works best.

Test the software

When you first open Skype, you will see that you already have one contact in your contact list, called Skype. You can call this contact to test your speaker and microphone; Simply double-click the contact and follow the instructions.

Practice beforehand

If you haven’t used Skype before, you are strongly encouraged to arrange a mock interview. Ask a friend or family member to video call you and asked a number of questions. Use this opportunity to practice using the software. Be sure to ask them for feedback on how you presented yourself and how you can improve.

Minimize noise & get rid of distractions

Beyond the very obvious steps of closing the door behind you, disconnecting your telephone, you should also take the time to close all non-essential apps and software you have open. The disruptive noise of a new email notification or tweet alert can be annoying and distracting to the interviewer.

Dress the part

Dress as if you are attending a physical face-to-face interview. It will help you achieve the right state if mind needed for the challenge.

During the Skype interview

An important step is to establish and maintain eye contact with the caller. To accomplish this more easily, drag the chat window nearer the webcam location. Now, when you look at the chat window, you are looking at the webcam and making eye contact. In addition to maintaining eye contact, you should refrain from making distracting sounds. Avoid tapping on the table, typing on your keyboard, moving paper around, or anything that might create unpleased noise to the person on the other side of the line. You want your interviewer to focus on your knowledgeable and well-planned responses, not the annoying ping of your Facebook notifications.

Good luck, and with these tips, you’ll have no technical surprises in your upcoming Skype-based job interview.