This ‘witchy’ shoe trend will be all over your office this fall

Roald Dahl, a fashion sartorialist in his own right, wrote in a useful guide on how to spot witches that it was all in the footwear. “Witches don’t have any toes. They just have feet with square ends. A real witch will hide her ugly feet by squeezing them into pretty shoes, which they find extremely uncomfortable. Look very closely and you might see a real witch limping very slightly,” he wrote in his beloved book Witches.

Sheesh, even witches sacrificed pain for fashion and they have the ability to fly on brooms!

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But there is good news for witches this fall, as square-toed boots will be all the rage so they won’t have to squeeze their weird misshapen feet into point toed prisons anymore. According to Harper’s Bazaar in their first parlay into accessories, Bottega Veneta is all about square footage (get it?) But seriously, pointed shoes are out.

Now it is all about the square shoe whether they are open-toe (oh … bad news for witches again) or a bootie. And then, of course, many other brands of all prices (like this pair from Zara) have jumped on the square-toe train as well.

Square-toed shoes though a little less proper than a pointy heel have a certain gravitas that says, ‘I am here to get down to business’ plus they fit in perfectly with that minimalist 90s aesthetic. Check out Rosie Huntington-Whitley, founder of Rose Inc., rocking a pair in the office in the photo above. Plus, you won’t even have to come up with a Halloween costume!