This trendy fashion item may help protect you from COVID-19

Who says fashion and fighting a global pandemic can’t mix? It’s been a tough couple of months for the fashion world and retail in general as even the most sartorially-driven of us have resorted to the fact that some days, pants really are just too much of an effort.

However, now that some states have reopened and going out in a mask and following socially distance protocols is an option dressing up is an option again and one that makes you feel better psychologically. But what does one wear when it’s super hot and there is a virus that is still out there? Luckily, the gods of fashion are on your side (well the sides of those who wear dresses that is.)

Though summer is often associated with the least amount of clothing possible such as string bikinis, tube tops, and tiny sundresses, 2020, in so many ways, is a bit different and so is the fashion. This summer is all about going big or going home  (literally, you are still being encouraged to go home most of the time.) The dresses are voluminous and take up a bigger radius than usual as if to say ‘I do want to talk to you and let you admire my ensemble but please stay six feet away because I don’t want to be infected by the transmission by airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus-laden aerosols.’ You’ll never find a headband that says that.

Fashion, when done right, serves a purpose, like a collar that makes one look more powerful. These dresses take up space in not only a powerful way, but a protective one. London designer Simone Rocha points told The Wall Street Journal, “There isn’t a frivolous feeling to them.” She continued, “You never feel cramped. People really do respect your space. And now, personal space is the ultimate luxury.”

Extensive material and miles of petticoats (that even used cages to keep the skirts rotund and erect) like the 19th-century Victorian-era “crinoline” were used to keep men at bay from potential female suitors and this is a similar idea. It was also a way to separate the classes as no one with a skirt that big could actually do any household chores (or walk down a narrow hallway.) Eventually, the skirt circumferences shrunk, and protective abilities were transferred to large hats with very sharp pins.

And though fashion is sometimes looked at as frivolous clothes with extended peripheries like tent dresses were seen on the runways both for spring and fall 2020. Comme des Garçons presented a beautiful pink and red bubble dress with a lace head covering that made Queen Amidala’s outfits in Star Wars look casual.

A larger dress or skirt is something to consider if you are in an office or going out more. In the year 2020, fashion is all about securing the perimeter.