This is your dream job if you love Hallmark Holiday movies

Will you sit down and full on watch a Hallmark Holiday movie in the middle of July if it is on? Do you actually associate Candace Cameron Bure and Lacey Chabert more with the Hallmark channel than on the television shows that appeared on first as children and then as adolescents? Do you wonder why you never meet charming attractive potential love interests at a bakery, Christmas tree farm or ice skating rink? Well, if this is you then you are going to want the following job.

Synthetic Cinema has an open sign-up for background roles AKA extras in a “Christmas romantic drama” that will air on The Hallmark Channel, according to The Day. Surprisingly this production will not actually be filmed in Canada, where many of the Hallmark movies are filmed, but in Connecticut.

“What’s cool for extras is coming down and seeing the whole process,” producer Andrew Gernhard told The Day. “Seeing the crew and the other extras and the stars and actually being able to be involved.” Plus, fake snow will be involved (obviously.) How could you not want this job?

The Hallmark formula

It has not been announced which leading lady of Hallmark will be involved with this production but there is always a strong chance it could be Cameron Bure, Chabert or another actress who was the star of a successful television show in the early 90s, played a secondary character on a successful television show in the early 90s, played a tertiary character on a successful show in the early 90s, or was on a soap opera.

Hallmark put out 22 new holiday films in 2018 alone (that is a whole lot of fake snow) and the channel just announced it will air one of their holiday movies every Friday night for the rest of the year. That means gingerbread contests, hot cocoa cookoffs, and romantic sleigh rides every week!

According to Crown Media, the parent of Hallmark and its sister network Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, the network nabbed more female viewers (aged 18 to 49 and 25 to 54) than any other cable network during Q4 of last year.