This is TV queen Hoda Kotb’s secret morning motivation hack that will help you too

Still getting your morning routine down? Or are you already in a groove, but open to tweaks? Women’s Health interviewed 10 superwomen on their early-morning habits, and we took notes on the best details of the bunch. Here are some of the pre-dawn tips worth stealing for yourself.

Journal your gratitude, like a boss: Hoda Kotb, co-host of Today’s fourth hour, is a morning ninja, She wakes up at 3 am to be on the air by 7 am. After lighting a linen-scented candle, she takes out her journal. “I write three things I’m grateful for and one great thing that happened in the past day,” Kotb told Women’s Health. The morning TV queen says that this practice ensures she begins the day thinking about good things, not things she needs to do.

She also listens to a playlist of upbeat morning music as she writes, and tops her ritual off by finding a quote to share with her fans on Instagram. “It usually has to do with what I wrote that day, and seeing people’s comments on the post always makes me feel connected to the world.”

Indulge yourself early: Why wait until the nighttime to take a moment of relaxation and do something nice for yourself? Jes Woods, a Nike+ Running coach and Flywheel Sports studio manager, gets up at 5:30 a.m. Before she’s out the door for early-morning training, she puts on a five-minute detoxifying foaming face mask from Malin+Goetz.

Trick yourself into getting up: Julie Foucher, a retired CrossFit Games athlete and current family medicine resident, told Women’s Health she uses her phone as her alarm, but keeps in the hallway outside her bedroom. That way, “It forces me to get out of bed when it goes off and makes it easier for my husband to sleep.”

Take pleasure in every little thing: Alexandra Dawson, nutritionist and creator of In My Bowl, a plant-based lifestyle site, makes sure she sweats the small stuff, luxuriating over every detail that brings her joy: “I prioritize what makes me feel best: the ritual of picking a mug, pulling an espresso shot, and slowly sipping it,” she says.

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