This is the type of employee that works on vacation nearly 100% of the time

It’s always-on for freelancers, 92% of who say they can’t take a nonworking vacation, according to new data from HoneyBook. The business and financial management platform for entrepreneurs and freelancers surveyed over 800 creative entrepreneurs and freelancers about the vacation habits of the self-employed.

“Unlike corporate America – where co-workers help pick up out-of-office slack – solopreneurs must rely on themselves, leaving them hesitant to take any downtime,” said Oz Alon, co-founder, and CEO of HoneyBook.

A full 43% of freelancers, feeling like their gigs are precarious, conceal the fact that they’re on vacation from clients because the optics are bad: they don’t want to seem reliable or out of touch.

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They also hide the fact that they’re working through their vacation from their family. Surprisingly, 65% of female freelancers say that they typically feel the need to hide that they are working on vacation from their signification other or family – compared to only 41% of men.

Taking vacations are gendered when you’re a freelancer. Female freelancers are almost twice as likely as men to take time off to care for family, while men are more likely to take time off to pursue a hobby.

When it comes to holidays, Millennials are the ones who can really relax: one in three Millennials “usually” or “always” “fully unplug on vacation, as opposed to one in four Gen Xers.

Here are some tips for taking a (non-working) vacation as a freelancer. The most useful piece of advice? Consider your sick and vacation days when you calculate your rate.