This is the real reason you are addicted to coffee

Though sometimes I think the real reason I am so addicted to coffee is because Starbucks lures me in with their jaunty tunes and festive holiday cups, it turns out I can blame something else for my caffeine dependency. According to a new study, it comes down to genetics.

Researchers from Northwestern University in the U.S. and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Australia looked at the link between how we perceive coffee’s bitter taste and how much of it we consume in over 400,000 coffee drinkers in England.

Interestingly those were more sensitive to the bitterness of coffee actually drank more of it.

Given humans generally avoid bitter tastes, we interpret these findings as possibly a learned behavior,” co-author Dr Marilyn Cornelis, from Northwestern, told the Guardian. “If we can perceive caffeine well we associate this with the psychostimulant properties of caffeine and so seek more coffee.”

And the reason certain people are more sensitive to the bitter taste is due to their genetics. So you can blame mom and dad for your coffee addiction and your grandparents!