This is the number of times you’ve said you need a vacation from work this week

Americans have a ton of excuses to not take vacations.

Whether it’s because of children or just having heavy feet at doing something different from the daily grind, new research found it takes the average American four missed work deadlines, five terrible mornings, and six nights in a row of poor sleep to finally realize it’s time for a vacation. This is a work-life balance emergency.

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 Americans on their vacation habits to uncover how and why they decide their next designation.

The survey, which was in conjunction with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, found that the average Americans say they need a vacation three times a week, totally to more than 10 times in a month.

While two in five blamed fatigue as for their desire to get away, the leading cause as to why people were looking at vacations was because of work.

Forty-two percent of respondents blamed stress at their jobs for being the reason why they needed to book a destination. Forty percent said fatigue, whether in general or maybe even because of work, as being a sign of needed a vacation, while 34% said their difficult commute made them want to go far away.

Another factor for participants needing a vacation was their colleagues. Thirty percent of respondents said getting in a disagreement with their colleague fueled them to look for an escape.

Travel after post-holiday season

For nearly half of the respondents, their getaway comes after the holiday season because they are too exhausted from all the festivities.

Forty-seven percent said they were too worn out from their extended family –whether visiting or hosting them – which prompted them for a needed break. Others said they were waking up too grumpy all the time.

Thirty-nine percent of even co-workers told them they needed to take a vacation.

Top 10 signs of needing a vacation

1. Stress at work: 42%
2. Fatigue: 40%
3. Parental or family stress: 38%
4. Difficult commute: 34%
5. Oversleeping the alarm: 33%
6. Bad weather: 33%
7. Minor cold and sicknesses: 32%
8. A relationship ended: 31%
9. Disagreeing with a colleague: 30%
10. Friendship drama: 28%