This is the color you should wear to work if you want to feel healthier

Even though summer seems like a time of health and prosperity as people are just outdoors more and there is lots of fresh fruit and vegetable eating you can still be the one in the office with the dreaded summer cold. So what can you do besides downing plant-filled smoothies and putting crystals on your desk? You could try wearing this interesting color.

turmeric yellow color

You have probably heard about the wellness capabilities of turmeric, a flowering plant, including that it can help your joints, acts as an anti-inflammatory, promotes heart health and can help reduce stress, to name a few. And if you wear turmeric yellow (also known as burnt yellow) it can help you as well. Color therapist Constance Hart told Vogue, “For the body, it’s a cleanser, and for the mind and emotions, it’s almost like pressing a reset button.” The color is literally like a ray of sunshine.

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Burnt yellow has been featured by designers including Monse, Off-White, and Rosie Assoulin as well as French label l Jacquemus which featured the shade in many of its scarves and pantsuits.

If you aren’t into wearing the color you could also consider using it as part of your office decor. As an earth-tone, it will contribute to a more warm and friendly office atmosphere.