This is officially the most popular clothing item in your office this summer

Summer is a time when you often see trends of years past resurface. After all, the tube top, the little white dress and the handkerchief top will always make an appearance somewhere in the world during hot summer months mostly for comfort’s sake over aesthetics. But summer is also a new time for trends to be born and worn ubiquitosly and on repeat so much that soon you become absolutely sick of them. And this summer’s now somewhat tired trend (though still going strong) is the leopard skirt.

It first appeared in the spring. It brought a little bit of safe eccentricity into our lives but then became so pervasive that you couldn’t walk down the street without being accosted by one and fashion commentators quickly dubbed leopard print the new neutral. After all,  ‘Leopard! It’s just so versatile!” You can wear it with chunky sneakers or boots or heels or to the restaurant. But this wasn’t a spring trend that would go quickly into the jungle night. It quickly became a staple of the work uniform. No, this one was going to hang around even earning its own Instagram account for onlookers to upload when they spotted one in its natural habitat (probably Joe and the Juice.)

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Found by @arab_lincoln on Broadway and Houston

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Leopard mania

Margaret Abrams of Evening Standard Insider wrote, “Young women from New York to London paired it with black T-shirts or dressed it up with block heels for a night out. It was the transition piece every ‘dressing from day to night’ piece promised, transitioning from the office to happy hour – as long as wearers didn’t mind camouflaging with the rest of the boardroom and bar.  The wildly popular midi skirt offered definitive proof that leopard print is actually a neutral. Say goodbye to little black dresses for good (or at least until the fall).” 

Of course like any trend that reaches a certain level of popularity, the saturation starts to set in and then comes the backlash.  Animal prints, which if worn used to mean you were slightly interesting, are now in fashion terms considered basic (as in ‘Yasss! Rose all day and I love a good Container Store trip’ basic.) Kat Collins, the Editor in Chief of Who What Wear wrote, “Animal print mania is a trend that got way oversaturated in my book. Of course, all kinds of animal prints will forever come back in style, so hold on to that leopard-print slip skirt you bought. Also, I’m not categorically shelving the trend for now. I’m still into small touches—a cow-print mule or a tiger print bag, but I’m ready to rest my louder animal-print pieces for the year.”

And so soon the leopard print skirt will be set out to pasture just as the off the shoulder denim dress of 2016 and the absolutely absurd knee-high gladiator sandals of 2015 (who were we fighting? People who cut us in the line for Pinkberry?) but we will remember it well and maybe bring it out ironically in a few years.