This is how women and men Venmo differently

When you send your coworkers money for buying that round of happy-hour drinks, your method may be different depending on who you are, according to a new study on popular mobile payment service Venmo.

Study: Women say “thanks” more than men in online transactions 

Looking at 500,000 Venmo transactions from 2017, student loan refinancing site Comet found that the language of money is different for men and women.

For women, the most common feeling expressed in transactions was a version of gratitude: “Thank(s).” Women were more than twice as likely as men to say some version of “thanks” when sending money.

Meanwhile, for men, the most common caption accompanying their mobile transactions was “food.” But when it came to using emojis, food was a universal language. The pizza emoji was the most common emoji used for both genders when sending money to someone. Turns out, food is still the most basic need.