This is how people work on themselves, according to a survey

Self-care is different for everyone. It can be an activity or just some needed alone time to take care of mental, emotional, or physical health that can help employees avoid the negatives that harm their day-to-day, and even prevent the dreaded burnout.

As the office climate changed, a new survey took a look at how American workers are practicing self-care, finding that nine out of 10 Americans do so with more than 80% saying it’s a necessity.

The study, headed by Advanced Dermatology, asked 2,000 Americans how they take care of themselves and shockingly found that more than 50% of Americans felt guilty about making time for self-care. Sixty-two percent of women admitted to feeling guilt, while 47% of men said they felt the same.

Why people practice self-care

The most common reason why people practice self-care was to reduce stress or anxiety, according to the survey.

Others did it to feel more positive about themselves, while 68% said it was to improve their mental health. The two least common reasons were to increase motivation and productivity.

As to which self-care routine people do, it varies from person-to-person. Some use cooking as a way to work on themselves while most said walking was their routine.

Seventy-seven percent used walked an average of 83 minutes per week to help better themselves. It was tied for the most popular response with people seeing or speaking with friends.

Watching TV or movies, listening to music, and participating in hobbies were also popular responses.