This is how much the average worker values a business casual dress code

As of 2019, only one in five US workplaces enforce a “traditional smart dress code policy.” For some of the remaining majority, this means doing away with dress codes completely, while others are merely amending what it means to look professional.  As the corporate wardrobe deepens, workers and industry consensus seem to approve of the expansion. Simply put, one in three workers would actually prefer to have a casual dress code instead of an extra $5,000 dollars added to their paycheck.  Although they both agree that preconditioned attire is outmoded, the why part of the equation is all over the place.  At the end of the day, the bulk of progressive office ethics trends aren’t brought on by some newfangled corporate empathy, employers do what they need to accommodate the interests of the capable cattle.  This means that, the best way to initiate change is through the language of profit and productivity.

A new poll of 2,000 full- and part-time employed Americans conducted by Onepoll on behalf of Samuel Hubbard, discovered over half (54%) have seen a shift in the dress code at their jobs toward a more casual style: 82% of this demographic believe that this comfortability allows them to get a lot more done day to day. Conversely, 67% felt that being uncomfortable in their clothes severely hindered their productivity.

“Comfort is paramount in today’s ever-increasingly busy world and it’s not surprising to hear that some even value comfort overcompensation,” explained a spokesperson for Samuel Hubbard in the report. “But the days of lugging around a ‘work’ shoe while wearing a ‘commute’ shoe are behind us (we’ll save those moments for our favorite 80’s movies.)”

Seventy-four percent of the respondent surveyed in the new report believe that they’re office is getting more relaxed in general, though 54% specifically felt this away about dress code in particular. An additional 56% of participants said that getting to wear whatever they wanted to work massively contributed to their confidence. While 73% of employers believe applicants should here to some kind of smart dress code during the interview process, irrespective of the dress code of the firm, 67% of employees said that whether or not a company advertised a  dress code during the recruitment process was an important factor when sifting through offers.  The authors add,

“It turns out a whopping 71% of those studied say being in casual clothes allows them to feel more accomplished throughout the day because they can focus on the work at hand instead of thinking about how uncomfortable they are in an outfit.”


Top 5 contributors to work confidence
1. Being on top of my work/projects                         67%
2. Feeling comfortable in my clothes                       56%
3. Having shoes that are comfortable                     54%
4. Coming in early                                                              33%
5. Wearing a suit/dressing for success                   11%