This is how most Americans start their morning, according to a survey

Morning rituals are vital to everyday success.

It might not be for everyone, but having some type of pattern, for some, is as important as getting a good night’s sleep.

Oprah Winfrey said she likes starting her day with meditation before heading for the treadmill for an early start. Former President Barack Obama would wake very early to get exercise before his first meetings.

Recently, Vita Coco CEO Michael Kirban told Ladders he starts his days with a cappuccino before getting in a quick yoga session.

Like anything else, everyone’s first moves of the day vary. There’s no perfect recipe to getting a jumpstart on the day ahead of productivity, but a new study found that most Americans are starting their morning off with a fresh pot of coffee.

A OnePoll study in partnership with Thermador interviewed 2,000 Americans finding that more than half (52%) start their day off with a fresh cup of coffee. The poll, which wanted to explore Americans’ routines and lifestyles, also found that exercise and medication were popular morning methods.

Two in five of the respondents said they exercise first thing in the morning, while one in three claims meditation to be an essential part of their morning routine.

These somewhat modern rituals dethroned previous morning stalwarts like watching the news (36%) and reading the news (31%), which suggests people are opting for more me-time as opposed to starting their day with yesterday’s news cycle.

Things Americans deem essential to start a day off perfectly

1. Coffee: 52%
2. Tasty breakfast: 41%
3. Exercise: 40%
4. Meditation: 36%
5. Watch the news: 33%
6. Read the news: 31%
7. Listen to a podcast: 27%
8. Have a juice: 26%
9. Yoga: 24%