This fashion expert says men should wear this surprising color to work to feel more confident

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.” – Henry Ward Beecher


Though women get an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to what to wear to work, men can sometimes feel trapped by their lack of choice. But they actually have more to work with than you think, especially when it comes to color.

Stephanie Higgs is the Founder of the boutique luxury men and women’s bespoke clothing company Cielo Brands. Her clients include LeBron James, Julian Edelman, actor Lamorne Morris, and actress Gina Rodriguez. She spoke with Ladders about what men can do to diversify their work wardrobe a bit.

At Ladders we have written about the power of colors like green and red. As for what colors men should try to work Higgs says, “The trick to picking colors to make a man look more powerful, confident and younger is in the hue and complexity of the color. Most men make the mistake of going for vivid primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and they miss the mark because it lacks depth – which in turn can look cheap, insecure and dated. My colors for this season are all pale; think light grey, powder blue, sage (dusty green) and lavender. They add a touch of color while staying sophisticated.”

As for how to start wearing these dusty colors Higgs says, “If you already have your navy and charcoal go-tos, don’t stress. Just layer in pieces that add these colors to modernize your look. Swap your basic white/blue dress shirt with a pale grey or lavender stripe (lavender solid is a bit dated but the lavendar stripe is current.) For chinos (khackis), skip your classic khacki/tan/beige and again go for pale grey or pale blue. If it has an annoying name, it’s probably a good choice – overcast blue, tornado grey, chestnut brown….winners, seriously.”

There you have it.

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