This chill job wants to send you to Antartica for a month-long scientific mission

This is the most chill job in the world.

Airbnb is searching for five people to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime month-long journey to Antartica for a scientific mission in December.

The Antarctic Sabbatical is part of a program run by Airbnb designed to get workers to take time away from their careers to give back, according to the press release.

The month-long journey, which is paid, will first take place in Punta Arenas, Chile, where the lucky participants will prepare themselves with lab work and equipment practice before flying to Antarctica for their scientific mission, which will be accompanied by Antarctic Scientist Kirstie Jones-Williams. “Citizen scientists” will collect snow samples and examine how waste and pollution has traveled across the world.

Participants will also be able to visit the South Pole and be able to check out other Antarctic sites such as the Drake Ice Fall, Charles Peak Windscoop, and others before returning to Chile where they will study their findings before explaining how other can help minimize their plastic footprint, according to the release.

“Most people think of Antarctica as a pristine and isolated continent, but recent evidence shows that even the most remote locations are affected by plastic pollution. This expedition will help us understand the pathways of microplastics to remote regions such as Antarctica and comes at a critical time to highlight our responsibility to protect our natural world,” said Jones-Williams in a statement. “This expedition will be hard work, with scientific rigor required during unforgiving wintery conditions. We are looking for passionate individuals, with a sense of global citizenship, who are excited to be a part of the team and to return home and share our findings with the world.”

Airbnb ran a similar sabbatical which took place in the historic southern Italian town Grottole, which was a three-month course that looked to help revitalize a community on the brink of extinction.

Candidates must be over 18 and available to travel to Chile and Antarctic for a month from November to December this year. Airbnb said no formal qualifications are required besides being an adventure-seeker looking to make an impact on the environment.