This designer says men wearing their pants like this at work is a major faux-pas

On a recent episode of the resplendent supernova of family dysfunction that is the HBO dramedy Succession, the youngest (and definitely least capable Roy) was in rare form when gathered with his family members at a tech-media summit called Argestes.

It was a true who’s who of tech titans set at a rustic lodge somewhere, well, rustic. And though the focus was supposed to be on innovations in tech and media conglomerates we know that with any conference, TED Talk or powerpoint presentation it’s really all about what people are wearing. No one remembers what Gigi Hadid wore to Fashion Week, but everyone in the world knows that Steve Jobs wore a black turtleneck.

Roman (played by the marvelous Kieran Culkin), who will be speaking at the conference, along with his sedated manchild of a brother, tells his brother-in-law that he has opted to go sans socks in a classic power play.

“I’m thinking of no-socking it. Rockin’ some horny ankle cleavage.” This isn’t the most absurd move as over the past few years a particular sophisticated breed of man has started to wear his pants a bit shorter as if to say, “I may not be European, but I did recently go there on vacation and it was either this or try to rock a hat regularly” or “Why are women the only ones that get to show off their ankles?”

And it can be a pleasing look especially if a cane is involved and the person is in the south of France (it’s the same group that thought they could pull of man rompers.) But is a shorter pant appropriate for men in the office? The answer is apparently no.

Please keep your mankles to yourself

Stephanie Higgs, the Founder of the boutique luxury men and women’s bespoke clothing company Cielo Brands, told Ladders, “In my opinion, for the office, no break (barely brushing the top of your shoe) is a fashion-forward and appropriate length, while cropped length (an inch or more of ankle) is a fashion trend and inappropriate for the office.

“Generally, fashion trends are not intended for professional settings, note to self. The pitfall men often make is with proportions; shortening their hem without also narrowing the bottom opening – it looks sloppy and unintentional, therefore juvenile.

“Similarly just tailoring the pant length of an old suit in an effort to look current, but not proportionally tailoring the jacket fit has the same effect. It has to be cohesive to be pulled of. And please, your pants must touch the top of your shoe. No one wants to see your mankle, trust me.”

And you thought flip-flops were bad. 

Now pants that are too long and baggy come with their own set of problems, not to mention being associated with 80s Wall Street titans, but there is definitely a happy medium between swimming in your pants and mankles. It is recommended that the hem of your suit pants should just rest at the top of your shoes so that when you sit you get a chance to show off plenty of sock (make sure they are snazzy.)