This company will pay you to travel the world — and there’s still time to apply

It sounds like a dream: Getting paid to Instagram your travels around the world. But for one person, that dream will soon become a dream job. And there’s still time to apply.

Noken, a travel app that plans your trips for you, is hiring a new “CEO” — that is, a cultural exploration officer. They’re looking for someone who can take a good photo and share it on his or her public Instagram account. That person also has to be adventurous and open-minded, ready for new experiences that they can write about in three blog posts.

There are few other requirements for the role, except practicalities. Applicants must be able to take a vacation or work remotely, have a valid passport and be 21 years old or over.

Right now, the trips are confined to Japan, Iceland and Portugal, where Noken does bookings. The CEO will take one trip per year, according to the job description.

The program has three simple objectives: To “learn and experience other cultures,” “capture your experience using Noken and share it with the community,” and “get out of your comfort zone and meet somewhere new.”

If that all sounds good to you, it may be time to take to social media. To find its perfect CEO, the people at Noken have decided to forgo a traditional application process so they can see candidates’ skills in action. To apply, all you have to do is take five photos of your hometown’s “landmarks and local gems,” post them in a carousel on Instagram, and tag @Noken when explaining why you should be the #NokenCEO in the caption. You’ll get bonus points for adding videos to your story with appropriate tags and hashtags.

To many people, this no doubt sounds like an ideal gig, especially for those sorry souls who are cooped up at a desk in the dead of winter. But if you want to apply, you’d better act quick: The deadline is just days away on Dec. 31.

Some people choose to debut a new haircut or clothing style in the new year. Maybe you’ll try out a new dream job. Only time will tell whose Instagram will prevail — and if it’s sadly not yours, it’s probably worth following the lucky winner. Their social media’s almost definitely on fire, and it could give you major inspiration for that next dream job application.