This billionaire thinks video gamers will make more than LeBron James

Future video game players will be better compensated than NBA star LeBron James, according to one billionaire.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s “Future Of Everything” Festival, Monumental Sports CEO Ted Leonsis said that he believes NBA 2K League players will be better paid than the Lakers star in the near future.

“I believe that in 10 years one NBA 2K player will be more well known, popular and better compensated than LeBron James is today,” Leonsis said, according to Sports Business.

“It’s just math. If you’re in India, you’re not able to see LeBron, you can’t buy tickets and go to the game, you can’t watch it on cable…you can see a couple of clips. These [esports] players are developing [social media] handles, they’re developing personalities, they’re online and anyone can watch and participate.”

Leonsis, who owns the Washington Capitals and Wizards, also has his feet in the esports world. He invested in Team Liquid, one of the leaders in esports, back in 2016.

Team Liquid was ranked No. 3 on Forbes’ most valuable Esports companies at a valuation of $200 million.

The former AOL executive also owns a team in the NBA 2K League — the Wizards District Gaming.

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