These ‘jobs of the future’ are already popular now

We already know that automation is changing the job market. Even in a thriving economy, there are career paths that are projected to do better than others in coming years and skills that employers tend to value more and more in an Information Age.

It may come as a shock, however, that all of the so-called jobs of the future are already on the rise — even since last year. Recent analysis seems to indicate that the job market is already experiencing changes as new or adapted positions take off.

IT services corporation Cognizant created the Jobs of the Future Index to track 45 real jobs and five proxy jobs that are growing or slated to grow in industries that are evolving. In 2018, job openings in this category skyrocketed by 68% — representing a new popularity among these job titles.

And though we may be prone to assume everything involving the future is connected to technology, the fastest growing jobs last year were not all in the digital space. “Fashion designer” actually topped the list, enjoying a 279% growth. “Solar engineer,” “career counselor,” “social media strategist/specialist,” and “genetic counselor” followed closely behind.

The slowest growing jobs, meanwhile, were perhaps just as unexpected. There were more openings for registered nurses, biomedical engineers, solar installers, home health aides, and aerospace engineers in 2018, but those increases were modest compared to in other jobs.

All job families — algorithms, automation, and AI; customer experience; environment; fitness and wellness; healthcare; legal and financial services; transport; and work culture —  outperformed their 2017 measures. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in a year of radical change in the workplace, work culture was the fastest growing job family in 2018.

There were other job families that fared well — customer experience jobs grew by 99%, and fitness and wellness jobs jumped 74% when comparing fourth quarters in 2017 and 2018.

Some of these areas of growth are not obvious; when up-and-coming jobs are the topic of conversation, fashion may not be the first industry to come to mind. But it’s interesting to see which job families are on the up-and-up, and hopefully, this means the future of work looks good for those of us who plan to be a part of it.