These comfortable and professional outfits are work-from-home staples

For anyone who works in an office or who is hunting around for a job, what you wear can reveal quite a bit about who you are. Stick with the older trends of a full suit and walk into a startup on your first day and look out — you will look dated. Don a wool vest from an upstart company with a loyal following? A new hiring manager might notice you have a grasp on what’s new.

These trendy products are for those who want to break the mold in the workplace and make a good first impression in an interview. Be warned — they are not meant to follow archaic norms of suit and tie or an elegant but stuffy blazer for women. (I’ve chosen a mix of mostly men’s products I’ve tested myself and a few options for women). Instead, they have a more business casual vibe that says you’re working hard in the office — and up to date on trends.


Toad & Co. Men’s Telluride Sherpa Vest ($88)

There’s something about a trendy fleece that makes you stand out — especially if you are applying at a startup or mid-sized company. It’s not the hip professor look but almost — you have a vibe as someone who will work hard and isn’t afraid to roll up your sleeves. This Toad & Co. Telluride Sherpa Vest is ideal for startup culture (or at least portraying that look). Buy it here.


Prana Men’s Westside Jacket ($99)

Stuffy sport coats are not in vogue for many jobs and haven’t been for some time. A jacket made from “storm cotton” which is water-repellant and dries quickly? One that looks a bit like a sport coat? That’s where you can stand out a bit more from the crowd. The Prana Westside Jacket has a lush, high-end look for anyone in marketing or who might need to impress a client. Buy it here.


Lululemon Women’s On The Fly Pants ($98)

A friend tested these athleisure pants at work and found them to be comfy and flexible, but also trim and professional enough that they made her feel confident and up on the latest trends. The high-tech material uses moisture wicking to keep you cool during the day. I could see wearing these at a startup or mid-sized company where your team is all about comfort and hard work. Buy it here.


Truewerk Men’s Thermal Workwear Pants ($79)

Most of us tend to think of an office job as catering to people at a desk working on a laptop. These performance pants are for a different breed. The large, sturdy pockets are ideal for someone who will do fieldwork and know the ropes. Yet, the pants look trendy and they fit comfortably, which is a feature you should not overlook when interviewing. Buy it here.


Rhone Men’s Commuter Pants ($128)

Some athleisure products look a bit like you just walked out of the local gym. These Rhone Commuter pants are different. They could pass easily for something you’d wear with a sport coat, and yet you could actually wear them on a run after work since they are so stretchy and comfortable. They could do double duty for an exec or for a startup vibe. Buy it here