These are the zodiac signs that are the most stressed at work

It comes as no surprise this has been a stressful year for everyone.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic, economic upheaval, and an upcoming holiday season complicated by the former. There are certain folks who happen to weather the cortisol surge storm better than others. However, for those of us who feel isolated and don’t have healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress, there is a new surprising reason why.

The fault is in your stars, or rather certain traits attributed to specific zodiac signs may preemptively set you up for unregulated amounts of stress. I fact-checked the 5 astrological signs that have the most difficulty managing tension in their lives in the following brief. If you happen to be a Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra read up on the following information published previously here and continue reading this piece to find better ways to unwind.

1. Virgo

If you are born between August 23 to September 22 buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride. This zodiac sign has a few reasons for unnecessarily fretting. Virgo’s have a tendency to be perfectionists so whether it’s a big project for work or a messy room they won’t stop until the finished project reaches their unrealistic expectations more often than not. People with this sign also tend to take on a lot of unnecessary emotional labor as peacekeepers between their loved ones.

This can be stressful because you are taking on other’s problems that are not your own sometimes without being asked to do so. Try to focus on regulating your own emotions and direct that extra energy towards your own pursuits in life. Virgos are hard workers and tend to be ultra career-focused so as long as you work smarter, not harder, you won’t suffer from the devastating effects of burnout on the job.

2. Pisces

Pisces are known to adapt to any sort of energy or situation in a given room. This zodiac sign is denoted by two fish swimming towards one another in opposite directions. Pisceans do not bode well with any conflict and when confronted with a difficult decision usually avoid it upon meeting it head-on and “swim” the other way. It’s best for Pisces to learn to open up to other people and not shut down when confronted with a difficult decision. Avoidance is the name of the game when it comes to those with birthdays between February 19th to March 20th. The best way to deal with stressful situations due to inaction or indecision is to simply take action and maybe dig deeper as to why you find yourself constantly avoiding confrontation. Perhaps mulling this over with a counselor to help you make decisions and stick to them so you don’t miss out on a career or exciting new opportunities in life.

3. Cancer

The Cancerian man or woman has a few identifying traits. One of those traits being extreme sensitivity. Cancers don’t take criticism well and tend to retreat into their shell when faced with difficult problems in need of a quick solution. This sign tends to be overthinkers so the best way to quell anxious thoughts would be to engage in some sort of mindful meditation or breathing exercises to slow those intrusive thoughts down. Much like Pisceans, Cancer’s tend to be a “social sponge” of sorts and their high levels of empathy can be mentally draining. If you celebrate a birthday from June 21st to July 22nd be sure to take those necessary recharge days of self-care to nourish your sensitive spirit and mind.

4. Capricorn

Listen up, Capricorns! Fellow Capricorns are known for their intelligence, drive, and ambitious nature often taking on much more than they can handle, but they love a challenge. Due to these traits, Capricorns have a higher tendency to suffer from workplace burnout. Burnout is a bummer that can be easily remedied by taking those paid time off days, eating nourishing foods, and getting plenty of undisturbed rest. If you have a buddy who was born between December 22nd and January 20th buy them a bathrobe and comfy slippers to encourage them to relax.

5. Libra

Last but not least we have Libras on our list of most stressed out signs of the zodiac. Why is this you may be wondering? While Libras are signified by two balanced scales, they have a tough time making decisions for themselves. While the equal scales of justice make sense for the sign that loves to serve as a mediator between feuding friends and family when it comes to making the best decisions in their own life, they are often left scratching their heads.

Indecision can be debilitating so all a Libra has to do is call a good friend or therapist to help them look at all angles of a problem to come up with the best solution tailored to their specific needs. They are so busy helping other people sometimes they ignore their own needs! Be sure to check in with yourself daily to address what could be improved in your life.

Are you one of these signs?