These are the workplace anti-trends that will survive far past 2020

The last decade brought incredible change to the world of work. Though we usually talk about 2020 in terms of hindsight, the professional world is already looking anxiously ahead, trying to
predict the trends that will shape the next 10 years.

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for you: Don’t.

If we’ve learned nothing else in the last decade, it’s that trends come and go. That’s why the new 2020 Anti-Trends Report from Kazoo looks at HR trends in a new light.

Enter: The “anti-trends” – foundational workplace truths that are here to stay and worth investing in. To help you get organized for the upcoming year, let’s dive into a few of these anti-trends to
see how your organization can incorporate this actionable advice into your 2020 HR strategy.

2020 HR Anti-Trends

The trend: HR tech takeover

In the last fifty years, technology has radically transformed the way we manage talent. These advances have enabled us to eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on talent management at a
high level. But they’ve also dramatically reshaped HR departments while shifting duties to cloud- based platforms.

The anti-trend: Keep the “human” in human resources and strategically change the focus of the work.

What you can do: First, make sure you’re getting the most out of the tech you’ve got. Do an audit — are you taking full advantage of the functionality of all of your technologies? Set a goal to understand what technologies you have, where the gaps are, and how you can work smarter with what you already own. In the long term, keep investing in your people. Change shouldn’t be scary – it should be empowering and should help unlock new capabilities and opportunities.

Start by providing your company with the training to use, manage, and get the most out of your technologies.

The trend: Consumerization of the workplace

It’s no secret that we’re entrenched in a war for talent. With record low unemployment, high performers have their pick of career opportunities. This leads to increasing consumerization of
the marketplace as companies scramble to attract and retain talent.

The anti-trend: Continue to tell the story of why your company is a great place to work.

What you can do: Take a look at your company through a job candidate’s eyes by reviewing your Glassdoor ratings, social media presence, and benefits offerings. Ask yourself: How easy is it to fill out an application? Do you, as an applicant, feel welcomed and valued? Then, partner with other teams in your organization to make sure everyone’s bought into and contributing to your employer brand. You should all be telling, and selling, the same great story of your organization.

The trend: Performance reviews are officially dead

Inc publicly put a nail in the coffin of the annual performance review in 2018, citing, “The dreaded annual performance review is a relic of the industrial age.” As it turns out, this relic was worth taking a hard look at – 90% of employees and managers noted that they dreaded annual performance reviews, and worse, they seemed to have no significant effect on job performance.

The anti-trend: Kill the “annual” timetable, not the review.

What you can do: Don’t do away with reviews altogether. On the contrary, employee feedback is critical to shaping careers, increasing productivity, and boosting employee engagement, but it’s most effective when it’s continuous. Prioritize regular employee check-ins and year-round goal-setting so employees get feedback when it counts. Not to mention that regular check-ins will decrease the dread employees and managers feel about the process.

The trend: Goodbye millennials, hello Gen Z

When Millennials joined the workforce, our conversations about mobility, culture, and feedback shifted dramatically. Yet the Millennial blush had barely worn off when Gen Z entered the workplace, bringing with them a new crop of expectations, needs, and working styles. With another new generation in the workforce, companies have realized they need to change their
approach to work by leaning into flexible scheduling, remote work, continuous feedback cultures, and investing in the employee experience.

The anti-trend: Stay aware of every generation in your workplace and lean into their respective strengths.

What you can do: As Human Resources thought leader Josh Bersin notes in his 2020 HR Market Report, companies now employ six generations. And the only way to keep up is to keep learning – the 2013 book Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers in the Workplace is a great place to start. In the long-term, develop cross-generational programs and partnerships in your workplace. Make sure to include a mix of generations on each team and on projects. This allows you to make the most of your employees’ diverse
experiences and skill sets, celebrating your diversity rather than creating generational silos.

With a full decade ahead, we’ve all got our eyes on the prize, but don’t lose sight of what counts. Check out the full list of trends in the 2020 Anti-Trends Report and keep your organizational future looking bright.

Paul Pellman is the CEO of Kazoo, the only Employee Experience platform that brings together Recognition & Rewards, Performance Management, and Engagement Surveys in one easy-to-
use solution.