These are the most (and least) hard-working states in the U.S.

The hardest-working Americans live in North Dakota, according to new research. In a poll conducted by WalletHub, North Dakota ranked No. 1 on its hardest-working American rankings, in part for its placing in categories like having the highest average workweek hours, highest employment rate, and lowest idle youth rate.

The poll determined where the hardest-working Americans live by comparing all 50 states across two factors — direct and indirect work factors — where it then graded each using a 100-point scale. Metrics like average workweek hours, employment rate, unused vacation were considered for the rankings.

Behind North Dakota, states like Alaska, South Dakota, Texas, and Nebraska ranked the next hardest-working states, respectively. Only two East Coast states — Virginia and Maryland — ranked inside the top 10, according to the poll. However, two Eastern states were ranked the least hard-working.

West Virginia and Rhode Island were ranked the lowest out of all states. West Virginia suffered from its second-lowest employment rate and having one of the higher idle youth rates per any state. West Virginians also spend the most leisure time per day, according to the study.

New Mexico, Michigan, and Ohio all placed within the top five, while New York ranked the eighth least-working state in the country with New Yorkers having the second-lowest annual volunteer hours per resident.

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