These are the industries most likely to bring their work home

Even when the work day is technically over, many of us still have to take home our jobs. It’s not a bonus we seek out when looking for a career, but it’s one that many of us find ourselves forced to swallow under demanding bosses and deadlines.

Some industries are more likely than others to ask you to answer the call of duty and be “on” at all hours of the day. A new SimplyHired survey of 1,000 employees found that these were the industries where employees were most likely to bring work home:

1) Marketing and Advertising
2) Education
3) Finance and insurance
4) Information Services and Data Processing
5) Technology

Marketing/advertising employees bring work home the most

The advertising world is notorious for overworking its employees into burnout. Marketing and advertising had the highest percentage — 86.7% — of employees who brought work home. These employees said they spent an average of 6.3 hours a week doing work at home, but they were not the employees who spent the most time working after-hours. That honor went to people in the arts, entertainment, and recreation fields who were spending an average of 8.2 hours a week on their creative pursuits.

Sometimes, people genuinely enjoy their work and want to continue it, but for many employees who blur professional and personal boundaries, these extra hours are not healthy. Our productivity is proven to sharply decline after 65 hours a week. Time off from work and our phones strengthens our relationships with ourselves and our partners. Employees and bosses should recognize that to get the best work done, employees are going to need a break.