These are the hobbies everyone has picked up during COVID-19 outbreak

With Americans social distancing or practicing shelter-in-place during the coronavirus outbreak, many are wondering how to pass the time until businesses reopen and order is restored in the world. Whether it’s catching up on TV or reading that novel never explored, many Americans are turning toward hobbies as a way to pass the time and entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nerd Bear, a culture website, conducted research looking into the most popular hobbies and pastimes during the coronavirus outbreak. The survey, which contained responses from 750 Americans, found that people are watching TV shows and movies as their go-to hobby during the crisis. Seventy percent of Americans said it’s how they are passing the time.

Reading ranked as the second most popular hobby during the crisis, 50% of respondents saying it’s way to pass the time, followed by working out, which is critical for reducing stress, according to health experts. With gyms closed and running as the only resort for outdoor activity, 35% of Americans are taking up virtual workout classes from the comfort of their homes, with some even purchasing stationary bikes that offer virtual classes to follow.

Arts and crafts, like painting or knitting, ranked fourth on the list right in front of board games, which have been out of stock on many websites that normally sell them.

Other activities like yoga, baking, video games, and mediation featured on the list.

Learning a new instrument or learning a language were the least popular hobbies that Americans are picking up during isolation, according to the survey, with just 5% and 6% of respondents picking up those hobbies, respectively.

The most popular hobbies during COVID-19 outbreak

1. Watching TV Shows and Movies
2. Reading
3. Working Out
4. Arts and Crafts
5. Board Games
6. DIY
7. Yoga
8. Baking
9. Gardening
10. Video Games
11. Meditation
12. Audiobooks and Podcasts
13. Writing
14. Learning a Language
15. Learning an Instrument