These are the best cities to start a new career

Salt Lake City, Utah is the best city to begin your career in, according to new research from WalletHub, racking up a “total score” of 67.83.

So, how’d the company come up with these results? WalletHub analyzed 182 American cities in terms of “Quality of Life” and “Professional Opportunities,” then assessed each in terms of 27 different factors — including the availability of entry-level jobs to monthly average starting salary to workforce diversity — to ultimately come up with their rankings.

Top 10 cities to start your career

Here are the Top 10 cities with their WalletHub score (on a 100-point scale):

  1. Salt Lake City, UT: 67.83
  2. Orlando, FL: 66.33
  3. Atlanta, GA: 65.04
  4. Charleston, SC: 60.70
  5. Tempe, AZ: 60.41
  6. Austin, TX: 60.24
  7. Columbia, SC: 57.98
  8. Denver, CO: 57.85
  9. Raleigh, NC: 57.82
  10. Grand Rapids, MI: 57.13

Source: WalletHub

Ronald E. Miller, Jr., Director of Career Development at Francis Marion University, shared his thoughts on how to make an entry-level position into a long, successful career and the biggest mistake young people make: “Be adaptable and willing to assume new responsibilities. Nurture meaningful relationships both at work in your professional networks. … The temptation is to think that career planning can wait until graduation. But being deliberate with one’s professional trajectory begins the first semester of college.”

This infographic breaks down the results and highlights extreme strengths and weaknesses of different American cities: