The pandemic has made over half of Americans want to do this in their career

For many Americans, the coronavirus pandemic has been a time for recollection and pursuing their dream jobs.

A recent study released found that seven in 10 Americans believe they’ve had at least one great idea since the start of the pandemic back in March, with the average American believing they’ve had four “lightbulb moments” pertaining to their lives.

The study, conducted by OnePoll with Fiverr, recently released the findings after taking a closer look at people’s career approach amid the pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, Americans are taking the pause from their previous normal life to reassess their approach to their career. Since the pandemic created time that wasn’t afforded before, it’s allowed many to take advantage of the downtime and start thinking creatively again, which is why many have considered making a major change amid the pandemic.

Fifty-four percent of respondents said they considered making a major career change since the start of the pandemic. For some, it has to do with currently being dissatisfied at their job (two in five respondents), while 45% said they are not working in the career they had wanted to be in.

Millennials, specifically, are re-thinking their careers. Fifty-two percent of Millennial respondents said they aren’t happy in their current position, with 59% believing the COVID-19 pandemic has been a blessing in disguise fo encourage them to pursue their dream jobs.

However, taking that jump comes with some hesitation. Sixty-three percent of Millennials said they felt pressured to stick with their current gig due to a desire to support their families. Only about 20% of Baby Boomers said they felt pressured to stay where they are, but that’s because nearly a quarter said they are already working in their desired career field.

While uncertainty post-pandemic looms, perhaps the time to themselves has many thinking their dream job is within reach. Seventy-one percent said they see themselves chasing their dreams one day, while 45% giving it a shot on a full-time basis.

Forty-seven percent said they believed their dream job wasn’t possible, according to the study.

“Many successful people often end up in a career they never expected to be in. Whether it was through a hobby or a new skill they picked up when they were older, finding a fulfilling job and turning that into a thriving career is completely possible. And if not now, then when is it the right time for people to begin pursuing their passions” a spokesperson for Fiverr said.