The one choice all wildly powerful people make

Where do deeply powerful people source such certitude? How are they so sure? About themselves. About their choices. About their path. You can feel the power in a person. It feels like assurance, not perfection. It feels like hope, not delusion. It feels like vulnerability, not self-deprecation. It feels confident, and knowing, and sure. But it also feels comfortable for you to be standing in the sunlight of such assuredness.

Powerful people, which isn’t about authority or leadership or success or status (although it can often go hand-in-hand with all of these things), show their power because they’re able to show you yours. Powerful people, time and time again, show their power in one clear way. And every time they do it’s a lesson in what we can do. And the lesson is a decision. And the decision is clear. It’s simple. But it sure ain’t easy:

Choose yourself

It’s how you’ll find your power. It’s how you’ll build your power. And it’s how you’ll continue to to stay rooted in that power.

Choose yourself when it hurts. Choose yourself when you feel weak, because the choosing will make you strong. Choose yourself by using your voice. Choose yourself be speaking your truth. Choose yourself by trusting yourself. Choose yourself by backing yourself. Choose you by showing up. In a lineup of millions, pick yourself every time. Bet on yourself every time.

When you have the choice to choose yourself or to put anyone, any feeling, any situation, or any thing ahead of what you want, what you believe, what you desire, choose you. In all the situations that are hard, that are heartbreaking, that are confusing, that are unsure, ask yourself one simple thing, “What would it look like to choose myself?” And then go do that.

But let me tell you, choosing yourself may not feel powerful at all. Not right away. But it will, eventually. You must keep happening for yourself. You must keep choosing yourself. Because she won’t ever let you down.

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