The next level of hustle culture: Showing exactly how busy you are on Instagram

The latest to-do list trend? Posting your to-do list on your Instagram Stories. Stories, a video feature separate from your photos, has become a repository where influencer go-getters like Christie Ferrari has taken to posting her list of (usually glamorous) things to do for the day.

Today, Apartment Therapy broke down the trend, saying people were using the technique to “stay productive.” Putting your to-do list on Instagram Stories created transparency and thus accountability, author Olivia Muenter wrote.

Surprisingly,  Muenter wrote that posting her to-do list to Instagram Stories was not just helpful for her, but it proved to be popular content as well – maybe because people love hustle porn?

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Each morning, she posts “a combination of work, errands, and fun tasks, a mix of everything from stopping by the dry cleaners to writing stories to cleaning out my email inbox,” she wrote. “People seemed to love it. Followers responded and said it made them feel more motivated, or that they found it really interesting to see what a freelancer’s life was like day-to-day.”

Perhaps there’s also a little bit of performance in these public to-do lists. After all, who really wants to list “buy cat food?” Or perhaps it’s the opposite: people are heartened that other people’s to-do lists are just as unglamorous as their own.

Either way, while not quite a movement, Muenter said there are least “dozens” of people posting their to-do lists to Instagram for public consumption. And soon to be more, we assume.

Olivia Muenster