The most sustainable company in every state

Sustainable responsibility, once considered a ‘nice-to-do’, is now a high potential investment opportunity and marketing platform for both B2B and B2C brands. Shorr Packaging, a leading sustainable packaging company, recently published a report ranking the top sustainable companies headquartered in each state.

The report was envisaged via a color-coded infographic, with each winning company’s brand logo represented within the corresponding state’s outline. The result is a visually appealing rendering of the companies that rank highest in overall sustainability, considering initiatives including carbon emission output, water use efficiency, overall energy use reduction, and sustainable packaging.

The incentive behind the report was in large part inspired by ALDI’s recent announcement about transitioning to 100% sustainable packaging by 2025, according to a Shorr representative.

Ladders sat down with Mike VanZetta, Shorr’s ‘sustainability expert’ who oversees packaging operations. According to VanZetta, considering a company’s sustainability is based on, “whether the company is actually having a minimal impact on the environment and something that can be repeated over time, not just a buzzword.” 

“Companies should be looking at what kind of energy they’re consuming in order to fulfill whatever function that the company happens to be…I’m not a big believer in upstream ideas — if you engage in something the correct way, the output should be minimized. For a company to engage in a sustainable practice, they need themselves to define what sustainable means to them,” said VanZetta 


To develop this infographic, Shorr Packaging sourced data from the most recent global and domestic rankings, available lists and mentions related to sustainable and green companies. The final list was compiled using Newsweek’s Top 500 Global Companies rankings, Barrons’ “100 Most Sustainable U.S. Companies” list, Corporate Knights’ “2019 Global 100” ranking, and Rubicon’s “Top Sustainable Small Businesses in Each State” list.

The winning companies were selected based on their ranking in each list and/or their cumulative rankings if the state was showcased in more than one list. Notable brands that won the title of ‘most sustainable’ include Campbell’s (NJ), Estee Lauder (NY), Nike (OR), and Tyson’s (AR).

Infographic by Shorr Packaging.