The ‘Frozen 2’ trailer is all the motivation you need to make it a great week

The scene comes into focus: A stormy night, waves crashing. Elsa stares down the water with unwavering determination. She trades her iconic braid for a ponytail, and she runs.

Fast forward 10 seconds, and a wave has crashed over Elsa’s body, sending her tumbling.

Yet she is undeterred.

A now-wet Elsa tries again, diving for a rock, sliding down ice, and running on water. She creates an ice bridge for herself, and it looks as though she might make it when…

Oh, nope. So close, but no banana.

Another wave — a gazillion times bigger than the first — damages the infrastructure of the ice bridge, and Elsa plummets. So basically, your average Monday.

No, but really. It can be difficult to get back into the swing of things after the weekend, when all your worries just melted away. Maybe you even spent it with a special someone, and you’re not ready for that time to end.

Now, you’ve got 10 things coming at you all at once, and it’s hard to decide which should be a priority. Plus, unlike Elsa, not everyone has magic powers.

But you do share one commonality with the Queen of Arendelle, and that’s determination and drive. You can stare down that pile of paperwork just like Elsa stares down the aquatic obstacle course from hell in the new Frozen II trailer.

And there’s even more Monday Motivation you can glean from the sequel’s latest sneak peek, even if it may seem counterintuitive: Everyone fails. Even practically perfect Disney royalty fails. And it’s okay (unless Elsa drowns in the movie, in which case I’ll eat my words).

So often, it may seem as though everyone around you is doing better than you are. But that’s patently untrue. If animated Disney princesses are messing up royally, chances are your colleagues are, too. So chin-up, you’re doing just fine. Keep up the good work.

And if you do fail at something, that’s okay. As they say, it’s time to… well… let it go.

This Monday, stare down that obstacle in your path with confidence and drive. It may knock you down once. It may knock you down twice. But chances are you’ll get up again, and you’ll succeed eventually if you keep on keeping on.

If this pep talk didn’t give you the push you needed to make it a great week, check out the Frozen II trailer for even more inspo. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words: