The danger of raising your standards

If you want my advice, don’t you dare do these things:

Don’t drink a $100 bottle of champagne.

Don’t fly business class.

Don’t go to Paris or Ireland or Italy.

Don’t travel at all, actually.

Don’t be picky about your romantic partner.

Don’t tell friends what you want.

Don’t buy front row tickets.

Don’t join a mastermind group.

Don’t make more money.

Don’t consume the best art humanity has to offer.

Don’t listen to the best music.

Don’t attempt to match what the pros do.

Don’t start getting up early to chase a dream.

Don’t change your diet.

Don’t exercise.

Don’t hang around people wiser than you.

Don’t do any of these things if you can’t stand to raise your standards.

— — —

The second you do, you’ll be forced to feel better, communicate better, work better, save better, spend better, and BE better.

— — —

The danger of setting high standards is this  —  it is impossible to live below them.

So sure, aspire as high as you wish.

Just be ready to pay the price.

Much love as always ❤

— Todd B

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