The best earbuds to help you be at the top of your game in your home office

Working in a home office during the pandemic quires some adjustments. As we all hunker down and figure out our routine, there is one small suggestion that can help. You still need to work and still need to focus. These earbuds are the best options around.

1. Amazon Echo Buds

My favorite bot-enabled earbuds, the Echo Buds respond to voice commands. They last about five hours per charge but you can recharge using the included carrying case. Check them out. 

2. Apple AirPods Pro

If you are mostly interested in sound quality and noise-canceling, the AirPods Pro are for you. They sound pristine with a warm bass (if you like jam rock). Check them out. 

3. Sony WF-1000XM3

There’s no question the Sony WF-1000XM3 sound amazing, but the noise-canceling is even more impressive. You won’t hear anyone in your house. Check them out.

4. JBL ReflectFlow

JBL focused on an active lifestyle for the Reflect Flow earbuds, but they are also ideal for remote workers. They fit comfortably and charge up quickly with the included case. Check them out.

5. Braven Flye Sport Rush

Another earbud set meant for after-work activities, the Braven Flye Sport Rush is ideal for home office workers — they last 12 hours on a charge and sound pristine. Check them out.


One perk if you choose this earbud set is that they sync up quickly to any device — your phone, tablet, or even a Bluetooth-equipped laptop. The sound quality is sublime. Check them out.

7. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

They look a bit like Apple AirPods but the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air 2 earbuds have two microphones to help reduce noise and improve voice quality for phone calls. Check them out.

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