The 10 industries with the most growth (and how to break into them)

It’s imperative now more than ever to make tactical moves when it comes to your career. Our team at Ladders and Business Insider has the inside scoop on the best industries to break into with a projected growth rate of 2.3 million new jobs between now and 2029.

Perhaps it would be prudent to look into honing your skills in technology, healthcare, professional services, or a new trade since these specific industries show the most potential for new job creation. Maybe take a class on coding this winter while sheltering in place?

Take a look at the comprehensive list of exciting industries looking for creative minds like yours to change the world for the better and if they interest you there will be a link to follow to open positions we offer on our site at Ladders. Let’s jumpstart your new career today!

1. Software Developers

I’m not surprised this made number one for the list of most promising industries. The pandemic has forced companies to move operations remotely and many of them are realizing this move saves them money. With so much work going remote places need software developers to help facilitate smooth operations and communication between departments.

This industry is projected to add 316,000 new jobs in the next 10 years. Check out the open positions we offer on our site here.

2. Registered Nurses

Are you interested in being an absolute hero on the frontlines of this pandemic? If you have the passion and grit to get through the very long but rewarding hours of a Registered Nurse, look no further. This industry is expected to add over 221,900 jobs by 2029.

Start saving lives today and look for open positions available here at Ladders.

3. General and Operations Manager

If you’re a natural-born leader with a knack for organization and managing a large team then operations manager might be your calling. Not many people are risking it all to go shopping at big box stores until this pandemic is under control so relying on online marketplaces to get customers their goods in a timely and efficient manner is important in today’s climate.

This type of job can pay up to $100k a year salary so don’t wait to apply here today. The expected growth rate of this industry is 143,800 new jobs available in the next 10 years.

4. Financial Manager

Maybe you’re more of a numbers person, and you excelled at keeping to a tight budget and making your allowance grow tenfold as a teen. Those innate skills at handling your own finances coupled with a bachelor’s degree could help you forge a new career managing large companies’ finances.

This is an invaluable skill with a projected growth rate of over 108,100 new jobs before 2030. Apply at any of the following institutions looking for skilled money managers today.

5. Nurse Practitioners

The demand for nurse practitioners is on the rise. If you’re the kind of person who can handle intakes, interviews and examinations to best serve your patient’s needs this is the job for you. Nurse practitioners are very useful and wear several hats to serve a variety of differing needs for patient care. They can help you find the best plan for treatment within your budget.

You can break into this industry after receiving a master’s degree and many universities have gone remote making this career a bit more accessible these days. Look into the open positions that will grow to 110,700 more come 2029.

6. Market Research Analysts

There’s no market scarcity for positions helping companies understand the marketplace, what will sell, and how to best face off against the competition. Selling goods and services can be difficult in such a saturated market so that is why companies are adding so many open positions to help them shine and stand out amongst other vendors.

Business Insider projects 130,300 new jobs to be added in the upcoming decade.

7. Computer and Information Systems Managers

A computer and information systems manager usually decides which computer hardware and software will best serve a company overall. They also help install these systems, ensure they remain secure from cyber-attacks and recommend upgrades that will aid the company’s executives and keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Does this sound of interest to you? Apply to any of the following companies looking for an IT department they can count on. More than 48,000 IT roles will open by 2029 as well so keep applying even if you don’t get an offer initially!

8. Medical and Health Services Managers

Perhaps you excel at managing a team in a high stress, fast-paced, adrenalin pumping environments. Careers in health care are having their moment in the sun as many hospitals are frankly overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. This pandemic has really brought the need for better organization and protocols in hospitals to light so those brave enough to take on that daunting task should look into this career today.

Open positions in this field are expected to grow to over 133,000 new opportunities in the near future.

9. Accountant

Calling all math whizzes! If one of the special skills in your resume is Excel and you are extremely organized with a keen eye and patience to track the everyday minutiae of company finances this job is a great move for you. This work can be tedious but if you have what it takes the position pays well and several companies are in dire need to manage finances.

Apply at any of the open calls for accountants on our site here.

10. Physician Assistant

Rounding out our list of growing industries to join is another career in the field of healthcare. A physician’s assistant. There is a growing need for physician assistants as their services are comparable to primary care physicians at a lower cost to the underinsured or uninsured.

They work independently with physicians to take patient histories, perform examinations, prescribe medications, and come up with treatment plans.

The projected rate for growth is 39,300 new jobs by 2029 so get in on the ground floor and apply for a new career in patient care and make a marked difference in the world.

Happy job hunting!