Tech workers say poor leadership is number one cause for burnout

Having discovered that burnout is a problem among tech workers, a survey on our Blind app aimed to find out its cause. We asked users from various tech companies to tell us their main source of burnout. Overwork, toxic culture, insufficient rewards, and poor leadership were some of the options they could choose from. The full details are provided below.

The Survey

What is the main source of employee burnout at your current workplace?

A) Work overload
B) Toxic culture
C) Lack of control and career growth
D) Insufficient reward
E) Poor leadership and unclear direction
F) Burnout isn’t a problem at my current workplace
G) Other

Total Participants: 9,103

Survey Dates: August 10, 2018 – August 17, 2018

Overall Results

Today, we share the final results for this survey:


Poor leadership and unclear direction was top reason for burnout. Among the companies that ranked highest for this option, eBay came in first followed by Salesforce and Intel.

Company Results

We also broke down results for the two companies that tallied up with the most survey responses: Microsoft and Amazon. Comprehensive results for each company are displayed in the charts below.

According to our survey results, the top three reasons for burnout at both tech companies are poor leadership, overwork, and insufficient rewards. Discussions on Blind, particularly regarding culture at Amazon and Microsoft, might offer some insight into why this is.

This article was originally posted on TeamBlind.