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Uber’s new patent wants to spot drunk passengers

If you're too drunk to drive, you may also one day be too drunk for an Uber. This month, the ride-sharing company seeks to patent technology to determine a passenger's level of sobriety, according to a new patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Why Uber’s CEO encouraging employees to say they ‘have the D’ is causing a stir

When you speak in the unnatural language of spreadsheets and business how-to guides, you may end up saying something that you never intended to mean. Take Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi's faux pas as a cautionary tale.


How to tell interviewers you’re not a jerk, despite working for a terrible company

From Uber to Miramax, controversial news can drag your reputation down. Here's how to prove to interviewers you're not a jerk, even if your company is.


Uber employees gossiped on this app for four hours a day

Every day was a new upheaval.


Woman who shook Uber files Supreme Court brief to revolutionize tech hiring practices

A former Uber engineer wants to stack the deck towards employees again.


3 unforgivable failures of toxic leaders

This is what gets people fired.

Gender at Work

Former Uber engineer Susan Fowler fears retaliation

In the wake of her blog post alleging sex discrimination, she says that someone has launched a smear campaign, looking for details on her personal life.

Gender at Work

Emotional Uber CEO promises to revamp its corporate culture

The ride-hailing app listens to a former employee.