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Survey: 15% of Americans don’t use anything from their college major in the workplace

15% of Americans don’t use their college major in the workplace and half said that "educational requirements" make it harder to switch careers.

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5 tips to help you love your first job

The first job is typically full of unchartered territory and can throw curve balls full of unexpected situations. These situations aren’t something your college courses can prepare you for, but real life will. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your first job.


These are the best cities to start a new career

WalletHub analyzed 182 American cities in terms of "Quality of Life" and "Professional Opportunities," then assessed each in terms of 27 different factors — including the availability of entry-level jobs to monthly average starting salary to workforce diversity — to ultimately come up with their rankings.

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How to preserve morale when the highest performer leaves your team

After two years of hard work, an employee who not only was the highest-performing but also was a delight to work with, decides to quit, leaving other team members panicking about their future at the company. Here's how to help your team move forward in this classic situation.

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How to tell when a career pivot is right for you

Here are the signs to consider that a career switch is right for you, according to second-career experts.

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3 things you should never do after you leave a job

When you leave a job, your responsibility as a reliable employee doesn’t completely end on your last day with that organization.


Here’s what to do, and where to start, when you have a business idea

One of the leading causes of failure for startups is that there was no actual market for their business idea.


8 lessons you’ll learn if you quit your job to travel

Eight digital nomads share what they learned from quitting their jobs to travel the globe — and how it might be a possibility for you, too.


Here’s how to keep your quarter-life crisis from breaking you down

The quarter-life crisis is real. Here's what to do if you find yourself in one, and steps to take to avoid it altogether.


How to transition back into the workforce after caring for a sick relative

Facing a job search is always stressful, but even more so when you've had a gap in your employment because of caring for someone who is sick. Here are 5 pieces of advice for how best to get back in the game and back on the job.

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What your boss won’t tell you about raises and promotions

Your boos may have neglected to explain how raises and promotions really work. Here are 4 secrets.


Why you should hit pause more often

Taking a pause can do wonders for your productivity and personal satisfaction. Here's why and how.


6 ways to embrace change at work and at home

Unexpected life changes can make it difficult to appreciate everything you're lucky to have at the moment, but there are ways to embrace the changes so you can continue to pursue your life and career without being derailed by them.

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7 steps to get a raise without asking for one

Your boss’s expectations are the price of entry.


6 tips for quitting your job on a high note

Successful entrepreneurs share their secrets.

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4 signs your boss is bad for your health

If your boss has unreasonable expectations, it might be time to leave.

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4 interview skills that will help you land your dream job

Positive thinking isn't enough.

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5 ways to get your mojo back when work has sucked it dry

Celebrate your accomplishments.

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8 positive reasons you should keep working after retirement

It helps you feel healthy for the rest of your life.


These are the 6 worst salary-negotiation mistakes you can make

Don't focus too much on money


Why having just one resume won’t get you hired

We must all consider how we can pivot and keep our careers progressing.


I gave an elevator pitch in an elevator, and it worked—sort of

In a world filled with so much information, it's time to rethink the prepared networking speech.


9 clear signs it’s time to quit your job

Choosing to leave a job can be a gut-wrenching decision. But staying in a bad job for too long can be very harmful to your career.

Age in the Workplace

I miss old people in the workplace. Here’s why.

Workplaces are so obsessed with youth that they risk missing out on wisdom.

Staying Positive in the Job Search

It’s no secret that job hunting at its very worst can be a demoralizing experience.