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Study: People who don’t drink tend to take more sick days

Having a hangover at work is the worst. You think to yourself, why did I do this? A new study finds that people who abstain from drinking tend to take more sick days than moderate drinkers.


Should hourly employees get full benefits? This CEO thinks so

Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman announced that salaried and hourly employees would get access to the same bereavement, parental leave, family sick leave and sabbatical packages.


What to avoid if you don’t want to get sick (again) this spring

While we can't promise that you won't get sick again at some point in the near future, here's what to avoid on your commute when you finally claw your way back to the office.


Doing this one thing may help you not get sick at work

We've made it through winter, but that doesn't mean there are still plenty of colds and other bugs going around just waiting for you. So how can you try to remain healthy this spring and summer? A new study provides some actually rather counterintuitive advice.


How work teams can stay on track when multiple people are out sick

It's possible for more than one person on your team to be out sick at the same time. Here are steps employees and managers can take to stay on track at work when this is the case.

The great debate

Some people actually say they ‘call off sick’ instead of ‘call in sick’ and we’re shook

You're sick and will be staying home for the day. It's time to notify your boss. Do you "call in," "call out," or even "call off" sick? It turns out there are a few different ways to say the same thing, depending on where you live, and people have some pretty strong opinions about it.


Austin has become the first city in the South to mandate paid sick leave

Austin has become the first city in Texas to regulate sick leave — passing a law making paid sick leave a mandatory requirement for all non-government employees. They become not only the first city in Texas to pass this kind of law, but also the first city to do so in the Southern U.S.

Office Life

1 in 4 workers would need to be in the hospital to call in sick, research finds

With flu season upon us, it will be important to take the time off that you need if you get sick. Don't be a martyr. Keep your coworkers healthy.