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How to have a happy marriage: 7 powerful secrets from research

Everybody wants to have a happy marriage. Unfortunately, on average, marriages get less happy with time. This is how to have a happy marriage.

Mental Health

What happens to your brain when you smile

We’ve all heard that smiling is good for you, but when having a bad temper, or just one of those days where you want to stick your head in the sand, it can seem like the last thing you would feel like doing. However, even though pouting and a bad-temper can be legitimate at times, research has shown that smiling will not only leave you feeling happier, but that it has a particularly positive health effect on both body and mind.

The Whole Human

How to leave your comfort zone (for the better)

Crossing the line of your comfort zone is not easy — science shows that experimenting new things makes everyone anxious and worried.


6 enticing and scientifically-backed memory recall tactics you haven’t tried

While you may see a few improvements in your memory, most of what you’ve tried didn’t stick in the long run. Here are six ways you haven’t tried yet.


6 ways to use music to increase your productivity

Whether you’re using it to pump you up to work out when you’re tired or to unwind for a better night’s sleep, music is a powerful motivator in many different situations. According to the team at, functional music — which has specific characteristics — can also be ultra-helpful when you want to stay focused at work.


This is how to overcome social anxiety: 5 powerful tips backed by research

There’s a way to deal with fear and anxiety that neuroscientists, the ancient Stoics and mindfulness experts all agree on. And it’s not that hard. Let’s get to it…

7 ways to stay hydrated during the day even if you hate water

Yes, I get it. Water is super important. There's just one problem. I have never liked it.

The Whole Human

What does it mean to be human?

Gaia Vince discovers that analysing the genetics of ancient humans means changing ideas about our evolution.

A look at the daily routine of Benjamin Franklin, who didn’t always follow his own ‘early to bed, early to rise’ advice

The Founding Father got a lot done, so it's no surprise that he earned the unofficial moniker of "First American." And it's definitely not a shock that he was pretty intentional about his time, according to his autobiography.


The germiest place in the airport is not what you would think

Anyone who manages to not get sick after traveling on a plane, even if it is only an hour-long domestic flight, has the immune system of a superman. Let's face it: Airports are cesspools of germs just waiting to infect us.