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Making a Tech Resume Speak for Itself

How a certified resume writer helped a systems analyst elevate her resume.

Certified Resume Writer Consolidates a 30-Year Career

How a marketing executive re-did his resume with the help of a professional resume writer.

A Global Resume to Land International Jobs

An international public health program manager receives a resume makeover.

A Boastful Resume From a Modest Example

Some resumes ignore the best parts of a career.

A Sales Resume from a Fundraiser’s Job


The Resume is in the Job Details

Aerospace manager Gary Hartley of Washington state, had a resume that needed to balance too much information and not enough detail.

M.B.A. Resume From an IT Career Template

'Rajan' had an M.

Resume Example: Consultant Targets In-House Work

An example of a before and after resume for marketing executives in brand management.

Resume Tips Summarize Project Managers Career

A Boston project manager’s resume grew every time he tried to summarize his career.

Write the Resume Before the Job Search

Tim Ide changed his resume and discovered he was qualified for more jobs than he ever imagined.

Is Your Resume a Time Capsule?

In a competitive job market, you’re only as current as your resume.

Too Much Information? Edit and Cut That Long Resume to Size

This TechnologyLadder member has 30 years’ experience to back up her job search.

5 Magic Words for Older Candidates

Words to use on your resume, and in your interview, if you’re over 40 years old.

Overnight Resume Success

HR executive receives resume rewrite by a professional resume writer and sees success one day later.

Board President’s Resume: Spinning a Resume from Web Sources

Alex Douzet had many online profiles, but no written resume; Certified professional resume writer Irene Marshall swept his Web trail to create an effective executive resume.

Professor’s Resume: From the Classroom to the Boardroom

An IT security professional receives a resume makeover Bridgitt Ann Robertson never thought she was conducting two separate careers.

The Perfect Resume: Easy to Read and Easy to Search

A 21st century resume must follow the old rules of grammar, brevity and clarity, but with a twist - Google must find it first.

Legal EVP Makes Her Case with New Resume

One legal EVP for the entertainment industry receives a resume rewrite.

The Evolution of the Resume: 1999 – 2009

Job searching with an outdated resume in this market will only bring you frustration and missed opportunities.

Resume Tactics for Job-History Puzzles

Smooth the bumps and curves in your career path.

Airlines Executive Receives a Resume Makeover

Formatting clean-ups make an operations expert’s resume as incredible as his accomplishments.

Are You Making These 4 Resume Mistakes?

Are You Making These 4 Resume Mistakes?

Ethics and Resume Writing

It is critical that all information reported on the document is accurate and something you can back up with facts if questioned.

A Finance Resume Makeover

  Jan Jobseeker (name withheld for confidentiality) had a good professional background but her approach to the organization and content of her old resume was haphazard and very two-dimensional.

Resume-Writing Strategies from a Career Coach’s Tool Kit

Here's how resume writers transform ordinary resumes into attention-grabbing documents.