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Cutting a Long Resume Down to Size

When scanning a resume, HR pros 'want infomercials, not Tolstoy,' resume writer Richard Hoffman explains.

Statistics-Driven Sales Resume Validates Salary

Ace salesman Noble lives by the numbers – but they were hard to find in his resume until Tina Harlan helped him tally up his value.

First Aid for a Bullet-Point Resume

How clear job targeting and a full reorganization afford a hospital director new opportunities in executive-level health care positions.

Sales Pro Graduates from Cookie-Cutter Resume

Amy Montalbano’s expertise is in sales operations, but her bullet-riddled resume failed to sell what she offers her next employer.

A Wordy Resume Becomes a Two-Page Marketing Machine

Marcus Crayton is looking for a job as a marketing director though his functional experience is disparate.

Resume Guide for an Operations Manager

To sell yourself in ops, your resume can’t just say what you did; it needs to say how you did it.

An Historical Resume Looks to the Future

Revamping a sales-focused resume for a career change This month’s "Does Your Resume Stink?

Marketing Pro Sells Soft Skills on Resume

Anne Neczypor soothed personality disputes and eased tensions in her last role as editor of Broadcast Standards & Practices.

HR Generalist Gets Specific on Resume

Former HR VP Kathleen Roesing had trouble standing out.

Functional Resume Format vs Chronological Resume Format

Forget what you've been told about chronological resumes.

How to Use Resume Bullet Points

Don’t slay your reader with too many bullet points.

Engineering a Hybrid Resume for a Tech Pro

Resume writer Steve Burdan likened job seeker Jeff Held’s mix of formatting details to dumping ketchup over a meal.

Technology Director Highlights ROI on Resume

Thad Fox took his time completing a self-assessment before handing over his resume for a rewrite.

When Companies Merge, Do Resumes Fall Through the Cracks?

In an era of consolidation, hiring software collates every applicant’s resume.

A New Advertising Sales Resume to Sell a New Medium

Jessica Coates is a pioneer in the new world of digital-display advertising.

Manipulating a Sales Resume

Resume-formatting methods to help highlight your strengths "Jack Smith” was a very successful regional account manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

A Sales Resume Seals the Deal

When a sales pro learns to see himself as the product, he’s bound to make the sale.

Lying on Your Resume

Amid fierce competition for every single job, where do you draw the line between embellishing and lying on your resume?

A Refresher: Job-Search Technology

How 21st century technology plays into a job search.

One-Page Resume Too Short For Impressive Career

One corporate and business counsel updates his resume with help from a certified professional resume writer.

Prepare to be Quizzed: The Job Assessment

The growth of pre-hire job assessment tests and what job seekers can expect Pre-hire screening tests are not new.

Raising a Mid-Level Resume to VP Level

Certified professional resume writer Ken Moore bridged a senior sales executive’s varying roles together to elevate a sub-par resume.

Making a Tech Resume Speak for Itself

How a certified resume writer helped a systems analyst elevate her resume.

Certified Resume Writer Consolidates a 30-Year Career

How a marketing executive re-did his resume with the help of a professional resume writer.

A Global Resume to Land International Jobs

An international public health program manager receives a resume makeover.