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These are the 25 Fortune 500 companies that offer the most remote-friendly jobs

Working remotely is becoming the norm. There has been a 115% percent increase in telecommuting between 2005-2015 and the percentage of workers doing all or at least some of their work remotely has increased from 19% in 2003 to 24% in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Work Fashion

5 wardrobe tips for when you’re working remotely

While it's true that working from home affords employees a more casual experience, it doesn’t mean that showers and professional attire should be optional.

Remote work

How to stay engaged in company culture when you work remotely

Even working in your pajamas on your couch can have its downsides.

remote work

10 things I wish someone told me before I started working from home

Self-discovery and revelations aside, there's a roadmap to do it all right.


I worked in three different environments for a month. Here’s what I found

As a freelance writer working part-time for a content marketing agency, I have the luxury of choosing my favorite workspace.


Here’s how much time and money you save by working remotely

Working remotely means no more expensive commutes, no more costly work uniforms, and no more $15 lunches you end up buying in a rush. Sign us up!


5 ways to help you work from home multiple days in a row

When you're not used to it, trying to work from home can be difficult. Here's how to adapt to remote work quickly without getting burnt out.

How To

4 ways to make sure you’re productive when working from home, but not alone

It's a problem as old as the concept of working from home itself: how do you stay productive when other people are around, tempting you with distractions of every shape and color? Here are some tricks to keep in mind.

Remote Work

How to talk your employer into letting you work remotely

To get your boss to let you work remotely, follow this advice from remote employees who managed to do it themselves.

Remote Work

5 ways to create a private oasis in public spaces

In the age of co-working spaces, how can you hold onto a semblance of privacy when you’re surrounded by noise and distractions?


Survey: Remote workers are paranoid and feel left out

Half of remote workers said that they did not feel like their voice was getting heard as much as on-site employees. Morale is low and stress is high.


New research explains why you work better with TV on in the background

If unwanted noise is killing our focus, is the solution to work in total silence? Nope. Here's why you should try to work with the TV on.

The Future of Work

8 workplace predictions for 2018

From increased opportunities to work remotely to a shrinking number of staff jobs, 2018 has interesting changes in store.

The Future of Work

Only 7% of workers feel productive at the office, survey finds

If you want to be productive, step away from your cubicle and go back home. That's what FlexJobs’ new survey of more than 5,500 professionals found.

Office Culture

Get out of the office for work. It’s good for you.

Working from home is getting a bad rap.