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Morning Routine

Workers in this industry take the longest to get ready for work in the morning

According to a new survey from Best Mattress Brand of over 1,000 people, those who worked for the government took the longest to get ready at 42 minutes.


Research reveals: How to create happy memories that will last a lifetime

Latest research on how to create memories for a happier life.


3 very good ways to spend your time

If we aren’t running from task to task, the world says we are lazy. We feel we need to be busy all of the time for two reasons: fear and lack of vision.


These are the most (and least) happy states in America

Hawaii tops the list as the happiest, while West Virginia lands at the bottom. "People who are happier overall tend to be happier in their jobs."

Job Search

4 ways job searching is a whole lot like dating

Here are 4 specific ways job searching is like dating, along with how you can stand out during the hiring process using some of the same tactics.

Office Life

7 totally normal ways to set boundaries with your work friends

Creating boundaries for workplace friendships can be difficult, but they are necessary. Here are seven things to help you out.

The Whole Human

How to solve relationship problems: 5 secrets from research

All couples have arguments. There is no magic, conflict-free relationship. (Sorry.) So how do you fight right? That’s what we’re gonna learn.


These are the most common sensitive topics employees discuss with friends at work

New research reveals what sensitive topics employees discuss in the workplace and how often employees spend time with office friends outside of the office.


The CEO of the fastest growing conference in the U.S. on how to find your whitespace

Though you would think Jaclyn Johnson, the woman behind Create & Cultivate, the fastest growing nationwide conference platform and online platform, would have a seamless career trajectory with nothing but praise, promotion and adoration, you would be quite wrong. No one has that.

The Whole Human

1 characteristic which separates the hopeful from the heartbroken

In my experience, you don’t rich quickly. You don’t get fame quickly. You don’t get deep relationships quickly. Instead, you follow this process.


These are the most desirable jobs in 2018, according to Tinder swipes

Tinder relies on first impressions, and according to a new list, there are some careers that are more immediately desirable than others.


Here’s what a career sponsor is, and why you might want one

Even the best mentor may not help you get that promotion you’ve been dying for or a plum job at a different company. For that kind of help, you need someone else. You need a sponsor.


Influencing without authority—Using your 6 sources of influence

So while positional influence is something to aspire to, until you have it, remember that there are many other useful forms of influence that you could be taking greater advantage of.

The Whole Human

How to improve productivity and build positive relationships

Weren’t expecting a piece combining productivity AND having that correlate with the importance of relationship-building, were you?


Should you ever go into business with a friend?

Here, the smartest way to approach becoming professional partners with a friend – keeping your savings account and your friendship intact.


4 things successful people do in the last 15 minutes of their workday

The most successful people use the last few minutes to finish tasks, preparing for the next day, building relationships, and keeping work at the office.

The Whole Human

This is how to make your life awesome: 6 secrets from research

A good life is not outside your reach. It will take some effort — but you knew that, right?


Why new friends will be turned off by your flashy status symbols

A new study in Social Psychological and Personality Science suggests that status symbols of wealth can be a major turnoff for people seeking friends.

The Whole Human

Never say never. Unless it’s these 8 things I’ll never repeat

I know. Never is a long time. But barring all momentary lapse of memories, intuition, or good judgment, I’ll never repeat these again.

Personal Finance

Research shows rich people are more likely to cheat, steal, lie and other very bad things

Our gage on the wealthy may not be that far off. 


How to improve your networking skills at big events

You might be new to the practice, or you might be an experienced networker. Either way, there’s always room for improvement — here are six ways to hone the skill and shine at your next networking event.


Survey: 21.8% of Millennials say a friend referred them for their first position

Research has found that 21.8% of Millennials say a friend referred them for their first job, compared to 26.1% of Baby Boomers and 24.8% of Generation X.

The Whole Human

The right kind of relationships: We are what we connect to

Every connection, in fact, is a relationship, and some of these connections, especially those relating to love, are better than others.


Survey: 51% of younger Millennials feel the most stressed about relationships

New Bankrate data shows that 51% of "younger Millennials" in America feel the most anxious and stressed out about relationships.


Men identify as the breadwinner if they do not respect wife’s career

For some men, claiming that title may depend if they respect their wife's choice of career, not how much their wives are actually earning.