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This is how to easily make your relationships awesome: 4 secrets

But what makes them work? What makes them fail? What’s the essential building block of a relationship? Why do some spark and others fade? You might have a theory or two but I don’t think we know what really keeps love, friendship, and family going.


Here’s how to support a loved one during a job hunt

When your loved one is undergoing a job hunt, it can feel like your job hunt too. You can get stressed watching their stress, feeling helpless on what you can do to support them. But in our attempts to be supportive, we can make missteps and say the wrong thing. Here's how to do it right.


Interesting people: 7 things they all have in common

The most interesting people may be compelling for different reasons but they have 7 basic traits all in common.


What 50-year-olds know that 20-year-olds often don’t

Here are some lessons I’ve learned during my half century on this planet. Life goes by really, really fast, but it's better after 50.


3 ways to tell if your relationship is ruining your career

Giving your best both at work and in love is a tough task for most people, and it's a big reason why work/life balance continues to be a pressing topic for many professionals. Is your relationship hurting your career?


Research reveals: How to create happy memories that will last a lifetime

Latest research on how to create memories for a happier life.