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Six ways to build an impressive personal brand

Share your passions.

Gender at Work

Survey: Women entrepreneurs believe they have achieved work-life balance

2037 is going to be an amazing year, women entrepreneurs predict.

Words at Work

1 in 5 Americans don’t want to look their boss in the eye when they quit

76% of millennials are checking email from bed. Come on, people.


The $700 million Powerball winner quit her job after she won, but you shouldn’t

Stop right there.

Off Hours

The ultimate pre-vacation checklist for an anxiety-free holiday

Your future self will thank you.


New study shows that people who are good at their jobs take more vacation time

You're not doing a good job unless you're taking time off.

The Whole Human

Smart weekend rituals to make your workweek less anxious

It's so easy to improve the week ahead.

Business Travel

Aggressive shoeless feet on airplane traumatize fellow travelers

"The left foot reached over and opened a window."

Office Life

Study: People really enjoy breaks from work

You can enjoy yourself while working.

The Commute

7 ways to be a commuter other people don’t hate

Commuting: there's nothing like it.

The Whole Human

Five scientific ways you can make your brain agile

Staying smart takes work.

Off Hours

The surprising things Americans do when they get home from work

Watching TV with no human interaction is probably not the America we want to be.

Office Life

Four important ways to chill out after a tough day

A clear mind is stress-free.


Business travelers, rejoice: You can stretch out in your own row on this airline

Welcome to airline sprawl. Ain't it grand?

Off Hours

Americans are afraid to take vacations because we fear losing our jobs

According to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans are all work and no play, taking among the fewest vacation days compared to the rest of the world.

Off Hours

Answering email on vacation wipes out your good memories

Even a little work can erase your vacation memories quickly.

The Commute

Subway riders throw amazing party for a graduate stuck on rush-hour train

Who doesn't want to cry with happiness on their commute?

The Whole Human

3 brilliant ways to be your ‘vacation self’ in the office

You are your best self away from the office. Here's how to be that way in the office too.

Off Hours

Five fun things to do with your time off when you’re out of ideas

Your time off doesn't have to be productive, but it should be rewarding.

Off Hours

People who take vacations are far more likely to get a raise, study shows

Americans are finally using more vacation days, for the first time in 15 years.