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Survey: This is the best city to retire in this year

New WalletHub data shows that Orlando, Florida is the best city to retire in this year, with a "total score" of 60.09 out of 100.


Survey: 25% of employees think they have ‘excellent’ work-life balance

New research shows 25% of employees think they have "excellent" work-life balance and 26% "of business leaders" say work-life balance falls on the worker.


The majority of Americans take a staycation. Here’s how to do it right

More than half — 53% — of Americans reported that they had taken a “staycation," or chosen to stay in their same city for a vacation.


People share their favorite #SignsYourVacationIsTooLong

Twitter users recently weighed in on the viral hashtag #SignsYourVacationIsTooLong, with work-related responses and ones about everything in between.

Family Life

Avoid family fights about work and money using HR tricks

It’s important to have a clear organizational chart for your family to make sure everyone is on the same page and morale remains high.


These are the best (and worst) big cities to reside in this year

Home may be where the heart is, but where you live matters as well.


How your partner’s career suffers when you receive rude emails

Getting a rude email at work is not just going to ruin your day — it's also going to ruin your partner's day (and work) later on.


5 reasons to cook on a weeknight (especially after a stressful day!)

Here are five reasons why you should go full-blown Barefoot Contessa on a Tuesday.


Survey: This is the best city for buying your first house in 2018

Buying a home can be exciting and scary. WalletHub analyzed 300 cities and Broken Arrow, Okla. came out on top as the best city to purchase a first home.


Here are 7 lessons I learned from living alone

I live alone. For the first time in all of my dozens of years. It’s only been a few months, but here are some lessons I’ve learned from living alone.


Survey: 31% say ‘a few hours’ is the longest they could be without their smartphone

31% of Americans say they think "the longest amount of time" that they could be without their smartphones "for personal use" is simply "a few hours."


How to create a funny – and appropriate – Out of Office email response

But before you copy/paste your traditional message, career experts challenge professionals to be a tad more creative with your OOO. Try these tips on matching your excitement for your getaway with your email the next time you head off on an adventure.


How to request time off for a long honeymoon

While you’d like to take off all of those months — paid — to plan your wedding, we’re not sure any employer would be up for this arrangement. Many, however, will consider an extended honeymoon.

How To

You’re invited! Now what? Dealing with summer soirees

Work, weddings, barbecues and other summer soirees; the invitations seem to come in fast and furious this time of year. So, do you have to attend just because you’re invited? And more than that, do you have to bring a gift or give a speech? And while we’re at it, when can you beg off?


How to deal with your significant other losing their job

When my husband lost his supposedly stable job (just a casual two months before our wedding), we went through one of the roughest patches of our relationship — most of it being my fault.


10 beach reads for summer 2018

The days are getting longer, which means more daylight hours to spend outside strolling, meeting up with friends, or stretched out on a beach with a good book (or ten). From short stories to historical fiction to nonfiction, we rounded up ten great books to read on the beach this summer. Enjoy!

Work-Life Balance

The U.S. is stingier with childcare and maternity leave than the rest of the planet

America's lack of parental leave and childcare may explain why the U.S. is no longer a leader in women’s workforce participation.


Smart or sad? One-third of us work during vacation to enjoy vacation

Respondents claimed it made them more productive during the summer if they didn't stop working completely. It may seem counterintuitive to the concept of a relaxing vacation, but some of us feel like we need to keep working on our breaks to feel less stressed about work.


4 ways to finally carve out more time for reading

You might love reading the news on your commute, but if not, chances are, you've hit a rough patch where you've had no time to read for fun. Here's how to finally make time for leisure reading again.


46% of Americans think they won’t have enough for retirement

We know that people have a habit of moving to certain cities and states to make their money go further during retirement, but recent research shows that people who haven't yet reached their Golden Years think they'll have a tough time financially during that chapter in their lives.

Mother's Day

What 15 working moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we asked working moms — p.s. ALL moms are working moms — what they want for their special day.


The average American works more hours than a medieval peasant

Think you're working less than peasants did way back in the medieval ages? Although jobs have changed significantly since then, chances are, you're probably wrong.

Work-Life Balance

Why it’s OK to take time off to grieve the death of your pet

Pets are an integral part of the American family, which is a reason why employers offer pet benefits, such as health insurance. Yet, few companies allow bereavement for pets.


These are the best practices for leaving early

A well-defined plan for leaving early today will facilitate many additional hours of time away from work where you can optimize doing absolutely anything else. Hone your leaving early today skillset (LETS) with these best practices to help you slip out undetected nearly every day of the week.


10 career tips that are also great to apply to your life

It’s all about making smart choices that affect your work-life AND your personal life. After all, a successful career is built upon strong character and purposeful choices – the same factors that drive a happy, fulfilling personal life.