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7 female CEOs share advice on how to surround yourself with supportive women

Whether it’s a working mom creating a revolutionary hands-free breast pump, a strong founder leading the #MeToo movement, or a woman working to change access to much-needed feminine products, the camaraderie and support of other females make a huge difference in the success of many amazing ideas and companies.


How to improve your networking skills at big events

You might be new to the practice, or you might be an experienced networker. Either way, there’s always room for improvement — here are six ways to hone the skill and shine at your next networking event.

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4 ways to tie up loose ends in your career before fall

Although I'd rather not think about it, we're just days away from September. It's time to tie up all those loose ends before fall comes around — here's how.


3 ways to respond to curveballs you didn’t see coming

Often a change of plans is what’s needed to get to exactly where we need to be. Life throws a lot of curveballs and this is how you deal with them.


5 types of networking events actually worth your time

From happy hours to bowling matches to workshops, it seems like more networking opportunities are popping up every day. Here are a few we think you'll like.


This new LinkedIn feature makes networking so much easier

There’s nothing worse than when you are at a networking event, meet an amazing contact you want to stay in touch with, go to hand them a business card from your bag and realize you’re out.

10 tips for anyone attending business school

Here are my top 10 tips for getting the most out of your MBA program.


How to find out if you’re underpaid

How do you know if you’re being chronically underpaid? Use these sleuthing strategies to get started.