“I’d give it a 10 out 10”

Over the last two weeks I’ve shared hiring stats and stories from Ladders members using Apply4Me to land a job.

Today, let’s review the data – how does Apply4Me score on reviews and ratings when we ask users like you? Here’s a look:

97% said Apply4Me has made it easier for them to apply to a job.

88% said they would recommend Apply4Me to a friend or co-worker.

And 42% of users gave us a “10” when asked “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Apply4Me to a friend or co-worker?”

42% is an extraordinarily high number when it comes to job search tools.

On that same survey, only 21% gave Indeed a “10”, 9% gave Glassdoor a “10”, and only 6% gave Ziprecrutier a “10”.


Apply4Me saves 18 minutes on average per job application.  That’s because you give us your resume and answer 17 questions once, and then we fill out the applications for you.

For a typical user applying to 30 jobs in a month, that’s a time savings of 9 hours per month.

Even more importantly, it’s a savings of 9 hours of your sanity per month.  The aggravation of dealing with corporate America’s career sites can drive you crazy.  We’re here to take that crazy off of your hands.

And that’s why 97% say Apply4Me makes job applications easier, and 42% give us a “10” out of 10 on recommending us to their friends.

Of course, we’d like to get 100% of users giving us a “10” and recommending us to all of their friends, and that’s why we keep improving Apply4Me based on your feedback and suggestions. 

So if you are looking to use the tool that is 2x – 7x more popular with job searchers, please use Apply4me to help make your job search more efficient and more effective.  That’s why users love it and are getting hired.

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