“I got a job with Apply4Me”

Last week, I shared some data on Ladders members getting hired for $100K+ jobs. This week, let’s hear directly from your fellow members (with their permission, of course).  First up is Josh from Knoxville, Maryland:

“I just completed the survey, but I wanted to add a quick note.

First, I wanted to say thank you – Apply4Me did exactly what it was advertised to do: it saved me a ton of time and eliminated the drudgery of filling out the same forms over and over. 

I wanted to add that this feature is the specific reason that I have the job that I have now. When I first saw the job listing, it did not look like the ‘perfect fit’. In the old way of applying, I would have moved on and not taken the time to apply. 

With Apply4Me, it was just a single click, so I didn’t have to be as picky, and I could include some of the ‘outliers’. 

This led to a callback which clarified the position was actually a great fit, then interviews, and then an offer. 

When ‘finding a job’ was my full-time job, being able to apply for significantly more jobs in a lot less time was a game changer.

I’d be more than happy to provide more details, but I wanted to make sure I could tell you personally how grateful I am for Apply4Me and what it specifically meant to me.

Thanks again!

Josh Carpenter

Knoxville, MD”

Thanks so much Josh and good luck with the new gig!

“Dear Marc, 

I have been a Ladders member for years and just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful advice and services. I start a new remote job on Sept. 27. The pay is not as high as what you listed in your email, but the possibility for advancement is good. 

Bless your heart. 

Michelle Massie”

Bless you, Michelle! We’ll keep working on getting our pay estimates better for you!

“I’ve been using LinkedIn and Indeed, but did not get any results. When I started using Apply4Me at first, I didn’t believe it could work, but have since gotten many responses and lined up several interviews for next week.

Yaser Soliman

San Pedro, CA”

Good luck with the interviews, Yaser!

With Apply4Me, you answer 17 questions and give us your resume. From then on, it’s just one click, and we complete the application for you.

The reason Apply4Me works is because it allows you to focus your time, energy and morale on the important parts of your job search – having professional conversations with fellow professionals.

The drudgery of taking 18 minutes to apply to each  job is just too much. 

And correcting the same errors the corporate computer systems make in reading your resume over and over again? It’s demoralizing!

What’s worse is that it is taking a toll you probably don’t realize on your energy, optimism, and presence on interview Zoom calls.

Let us handle it for you with Apply4Me, and you’ll be spending your job search time more productively.