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Throw Out the Job Description

The job description was lost in translation, and you may be interviewing for the wrong position.

Understand the Mind of the Interviewer

The job interview process is really just a series of approvals and referrals.

Why Have You Been Out of Work So Long?

Whatever you do, have an answer to the question — why have you been out of work so long?

What to expect on the second and third interview

Understanding the typical schedule and purpose of each round can prepare you to face each and give you an advantage in the hiring process.

Personality Tests on the Job Search

Put to the test?


The letter to write when you don’t get the job

Don't get mad. Get gracious. A follow-up letter after you don't get the job is so rare, you will stand out and it may lead to another job. This is the letter to write when you don't get the job.

A Hard Look at Soft Skills

IT executives are being called upon to demonstrate soft skills like business smarts and communications.

Follow Up Without Being a Pest

What is the appropriate amount of time to wait to follow up on a job application?

Why Did You Leave?’ How to Address Past Employment

Parting can be sorrow if you explain it wrong in your next interview.

Persistent or Annoying?

There's a fine line between enthusiastic and just plain irritating.

Taking Notes in the Job Interview

Notes have a place in the job interview, but cheat sheets are unacceptable.

Interview Tips

How not to embarrass yourself doing the elevator pitch

Good Monday morning, It's embarrassing, isn't it?

How Not to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Angry e-mail?

Job Interview Body Language Speaks Volumes

Broadway actor John Treacy Egan and acting coach Jodie Bentley share body-language tricks to use (and some to avoid) during a job interview.

If the Job Fits

Assessing the cultural fit of a company extends far beyond age or interests, and it can make all the difference between success and failure on the job.

The Anatomy of a Background Check

Private investigators and former government agents share trade secrets about how they conduct employment background checks for hiring companies.

Handling the Weakness Question

Workshop participants and coaching clients often ask how to handle the question, "What are your weaknesses?

Interview Tips

Acing the phone interview: Preparation is key for an HR phone screen interview

Before you face the hiring manager, you’ll probably spend some time on the phone with the company’s HR department.

Panel Interview Tips | Mastering the Panel Interview

Some say panel interviews feel like inquisitions.

Acing the Phone Interview: Talk Time

Treat every interview as prime time for your career prospects, even when no one can see you.

4 Steps to Speak Better in Interviews

Filler words like "um," "ahh," "so," "like" and "you know" can reduce your credibility as a speaker and hurt your chances in a job interview.

Facing 50 questions for every job interview

Michigan job seeker Connie Corwin grew tired of being stumped on interviews, so she made her own prep list of questions and answers for every eventuality.

The Interview was Awesome. Now What?

Follow-up strategies to help tip the scale in your favor.

Add 10 Years to Your Image

Older candidates aren’t the only ones who worry about how they’re perceived by employers.

Top Personality Tests Used in Hiring

The most common psychological exams used by HR managers to review job applications.