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3 Ways to Implement Your Personal Brand Offline

An online presence is only part of the story.

New Work Environments for New Workforces

Being in the right atmosphere is key to productivity and creativity.

How Your Personal Brand Can Get You Hired

Focusing on the whole package can help make you the perfect candidate.

Setting the Right Social Media Strategy for Your Job Search

5 simple guidelines to help you market your skills and network online.

Above All Else, Your Personal Brand Is a Story

6 essential elements to make yours memorable.

Lead for Sustained Success

5 ideas to help you lead for the long term.

New Rules for Branding on the Job Search

Focus on communicating your value in a clear and concise manner.

Three Expert Secrets to Winning Your Personal Branding Search

Use these tips to help prospective employers find you online.

Is Your Business Philosophy Holding You Back?

8 approaches that could be keeping you from getting ahead, and what you can do to change that.

Job Search

Employment background checks: Know your rights

You’re likely to face a background check on your job search, but there are limits, and you have some options.

Ace the Interview by Communicating With Clarity, and Confidence

Effective speech can be one of your most powerful business tools.

How to Approach a Former Employer for a New Job

Especially in a tight job market, many companies will welcome back former employees who left under good terms.

When to use nicknames, legal names

It’s not as obvious as it seems. Follow this guide on when to use a nickname, your legal name, tie your name to a degree, or even use the phonetic spelling.

Getting to the Point Gets the Job

The resume of a Ph.

What Employers Really Think About Functional Resumes

Don't think you can hide anything; HR veterans know all the tricks for cloaking employment gaps or skimpy experience.

An Introvert’s Guide to Resume Self-Promotion

How to get over your humbleness and bring on the brag.

Interview Preparation Wins Candidate Competitions

When it's time to interview, you'll need more than attitude; do your homework to put yourself ahead of the pack.

7 Interview Questions to Uncover Corporate Culture

You won’t succeed if you think your co-workers are annoying.

Taking Time to Rewrite That Resume

Don’t let the challenges of a resume rewrite overwhelm you.

Hot Tech Skills Bend Resume-Writing Rules

What grabbed the recruiter's eye was the security pro's certification, on top of his resume and smack dab in front of her face.

Quit worrying about getting a job and start getting a job

After 25 years with a major retailer, Tommy M.

What Do CEOs Look for in Interviews?

In a new book, Adam Bryant talks to more than 70 CEOs about what they want from new hires.

Capture Your Personal Brand in One Sentence

Describe your value, then convince others.

Test Your Cover Letter

How does your cover letter rate?

When Writing Cover Letters, Lose the ‘Tude

Letters crawling with creeping arrogance inflict hiring managers with terminal cases of Don't-Hire-This-Jerk-Itis.