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People who make $80,000 are most likely to have 4th of July week off

Whether or not you decide to take the whole week of 4th of July off may depend on factors you cannot always control like your workload and what kind of manager you have. But it may also depend on your salary, according to a new survey on employees' vacation habits.


Survey: 63% of employees don’t plan to work on July 5th

It's officially a holiday week— the fourth of July is this Wednesday, and there are bound to be a bunch of absences across your office. New data from OfficePulse shows that 63% of employees don't plan to work on the fifth of July. More than 350 workers weighed in for the survey.


4 ways to push through holiday withdrawal

After the holiday season, you totally have permission to feel a little sluggish when getting back to work. Here's how to get through the holiday withdrawal during your first few days back in the office.


4 ways to be productive this holiday week

Here's how to get work done if you're at work during this festive season, but most of your colleagues aren't. Just follow these tips.


5 ways to beat the winter blues in your office

Many people suffer from seasonal depression, especially where days become shorter and temperatures drop below freezing. Here's how to beat the winter blues.

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4 things that won’t be good for your career during the holidays

The holidays are here, and people are ready for some much-needed time off. Here's what you shouldn't be doing when it comes to your career this season.

New Year

The guide to tying up professional loose ends before the new year

As the end of the year nears, you might spend some time over the holidays thinking about what you want to do for your career in the next 12 months.


9 ways to recover from (and avoid) holiday party embarrassment

No batter how sloppy your company holiday party may get, in most situations, you can probably save both your pride and your gig. Here's how.


7 career questions to ask yourself ahead of the new year

2018 is almost here. Now is the perfect time to assess how you're doing in your career, and whether or not you're where you want to be.


Bad news: You probably aren’t getting the day after Christmas off

While 97% of workplaces will offer paid time off to all or most workers on Christmas, just 36% will do the same the day after Christmas.

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How to survive an office party as an introvert

For introverts, the thought of having to attend an office party and engage in small talk with our coworkers is an exhausting performance.


4 ways to make the most of a short holiday break

While you may not have had a whole work week off, there are things you can do to maximize the time you have with your loved ones.


Here’s how to describe what you do when your relatives ask you this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A time for turkey, and loads of questions from family about what you're actually doing with your life. Here's how to describe what you do.


Here are the top holiday work stressors and how to handle them

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the holidays are the perfect time to relax and indulge — but that doesn’t always make for smooth sailing at work.